Hami Overview

Chinese Name: 哈密 English IPA: /'hɑːmɪ/ Location: Situated in east of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China Population (city): About 619,700 Language: Northern mandarin, Uygur language, Kazak language, Mandarin, etc. Zip code: 839000 Tel code: 0902 Time zone: UTC+8

Hami, a prefecture city of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is located in the eastern part of Xinjiang. It is a vital gateway of mainland China to Xinjiang. Two thousand years ago, it was the place where Zhangqian – the ambassador of the Western Han Dynasty passed west to open the Silk Road. The city has been the throat of the Silk Road, getting the title of “the portal of Xinjiang”. It borders Jiuquan of Gansu Province in east, Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture in south, Turpan city and Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture in west. In north, it connects Mongolia. A national first class seasonal port has been established — Laoyemiao port white is a significant port for the border trade development between Xinjiang and Mongolia.

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Highlight of Hami City

  • Hami Melons: When it comes to Hami city, the first thing appears in most people’ mind is Hami melon that is quite well-known in China. It is a fruit that is native to Hami city.
  • Marvelous Views: The Tianshan Mountains go through Hami city so that the city is divided into two parts. In south of Tianshan Mountains, you could see views of oasis. But in north of it, you could appreciate the scenery of valley and prairie.
  • Yardang landform: Ghost City of Wubao, one of the three ghost cities in Xinjiang, is a typical land of Tardang Landform.

Other Destinations in Hami

Hami Attractions

Situated in a pleasant location where Central Plain and Western China culture meet, together with the advantage of climate which brings marvelous but quiet different in southern and northern regions, Hami is blessed with a number of splendid tourist sites that visitors could be amazed, such as Hami Emperor's Tomb (哈密王陵), Mansion of Moslem King (回王府), Hami Castle of Demon (哈密魔鬼城), Barkol Mingshashan Mountain (巴里坤鸣沙山), Barkol Grassland, Barkol Lake, Hanqigou (寒气沟), the Ancient City of Lafuqueke (拉甫却克古城), the [...]

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Hami Tours

There are varieties of natural and cultural tourist destinations in Hami. And the landscape in southern and northern Xinjiang vary a lot so you need to plan your tours in advance in order to see the scenery and sites that you would like. Here are some tours that you could refer to during your Hami visiting, such as 2 days visiting of grassland of east Tianshan Mountain, BarkolGrassland and Hami Emperor's Tomb, 6 days of adventure tour to heaven lake of [...]

Climate & When to Go

In spring, Hami climate sees many windy days, with largely changing temperature. Summer witnesses hot days, with strong evaporation. Days in autumn experience sunny time but with rapid cooling. In winter, it is quite chill. Extreme maximum temperature in Hami is 43 ℃ and extreme minimum temperature is - 32 ℃. The average frost-free period is 182 days. Hami sees dry air, good atmospheric transparency and low cloud coverage, which brings it abundant energy resources. Therefore, Hami is one of the areas that enjoy energy resources superiority in China. Hami also gets rich sunlight, [...]

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The following are some further information of Hami airport, trains, buses and taxi that you could refer to if you need. How to Get & Leave By Plane Hami Airport The airport is located in the central plains in the front of Barkol Mountain (巴里坤山) and Ge’erlike Mountain (喀尔里克山) of northern Tuha Basin, with an elevation of 824 meters above sea level. It lies in northeast of the city. The airport is 12.5 miles away from the old city of Hami. Hami [...]

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Festivals and Activities

The following are further details about Hami festivals and activities that might be useful for you. Hami Melon Festival It comes in July of each year when melons are ripe. During the activity, Hami melon banquets are given. Also, visitors are provided with free melons with various categories. In addition, there would be Uighur ethnic singing and dancing, stunts show and other special activities. Lesser Bairam The event falls in September of Mohammedan calendar. It is a festival for those who believe in Mohammedanism. [...]

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Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers Hami City Code: 650500 Zip code: 839000 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 Hami Railway Station Information Desk: 7122222 Hami Tourism Supervision: 0902-2301703 Post Offices Yiwu County Post Office: No.118 Zhenxing Road Barkol County Post Office: No. 3 Hancheng East Street Beijiaolu Post Office Branch: No. 33 Beijoa Road Liushuquan Post Office Branch: Liushuquan Town Railway Station Post Office Branch: No.1 Tianshan North Road Climate There is a saying “wearing fur jackets in the morning but voile clothing in the evening, sitting and eating watermelons around the hot [...]

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Useful Maps

Our Hami maps cover different types of useful maps including Hami Location Map, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Map, Hami City Map, Hami Attractions Map, Hami Transportation Map, Scenic Spots Around Hami, etc. to help you better understand about Hami city and plan your ideal Hami tour. [...]

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Hami Accommodation

Hami becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in Xinjiang recent years. It attracted thousands of tourists from home and abroad each year. As the development of local tourism and economy, the accommodation there grows better and better. Hami city provides hotels with all levels. Here are some choices that you could refer to during your Hami traveling. Recommended 5-star Hotels Hami Jinjiang Technology Boutique Hotel(哈密锦江科技精品酒店): It is a technology - themed boutique hotel adjacent to the Red Army Memorial [...]

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