Hami Dining

Dishes and food in Xinjiang are different from many other cities in China, with unique western China characteristics. In addition to the local food, food from many places can be eaten there. The following are some Hami dishes that you could taste during your Hami visiting.

What to Eat in Hami

  • Braised Cake with Mutton(羊肉焖饼子): It takes mutton and flour as ingredients. The snack can be traced to the time of Qing Dynasty. In September of 2018, it was named as one of the top ten classic dishes in Xinjiang.
  • BarkolYousumo (巴里坤油酥馍): It is a kind of local grilled cake which is loved by local people.
  • Steamed Meat in Food Steamer (笼蒸肉): The dish takes beef and mutton as ingredients, with unique traditional Barkolprocessing methods.
  • Soil Hot Pot (土火锅): It is one of the local special dishes in western China. The soil hot pot in Hami takes traditional Barkolcopper pot as cook, with all kinds of ingredients putted, such as meatballs, tofu, vegetable, mutton soup, chicken, etc.
  • Baked Xinjiang Naan (烤馕): With a long history of more than 2,000 years, naan is staple food of uygur, with more than 50 categories. Moreover, it can be kept about 7 days, which makes it easy to take away during traveling.

Where to Eat in Hami

Yiganqi Hand Pilaf Restaurant (一杆旗抓饭)

It is located on No.24-7 Jianguo South Road. The restaurant offers a variety of Xinjiang hand pilaf.

Xinjiang Dapanji Restaurant (东疆大盘鸡)

It is located in west of the intersection of Xiangyang Road and Jianguo North Raod. The restaurant sells authentic Xinjiang Dapanji (Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken)

Daheyan Restaurant (大河宴)

It is located on Huancheng Road. The restaurant offers all kinds of fish dishes.

Haofuqi South Korean Dish (好福七韩国料理)

It is located in the Fengmao Market. The restaurant provides South Korean food.

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