Hami Shopping

Large temperature differences between day and night are helpful for local fruit planting so that Hami melons have good quality. Hami is a local fruit that you are recommended to buy. Except Hami melons, you could also buy some other local fruit like date, grapes. There are some details about specialties that you could buy during your Hami visiting.

What to Buy in Hami

Hami Melon

Guilin of Guangxi gets the good reputation of “Guilin's scenery is the best in the world”. Similarly, Hami melon gets the praise of “Hami melons are the best in the world”. Hami melons have a long history of more than 800 hundred years.

Hami Big Date

Hami big date is a fine strain in China. The date there is blessed with local favorable climate which bring the date with big size, fine color, small nuclear with thick pulp, and good taste.

Hami Grapes

Hami has the unique natural conditions and the traditional technology of grape production advantages which bring grapes there fine quality and high yield. Grapes there belong to natural pollution-free green food.

Yiwu Wild Prunus Sibirica (伊吾野山杏)

The wild prunus sibirica there grows in the zone of valley of Weizixia Township which is 35 miles away from the county center, with an area of 3,000 acres.

Wild Mushroom of Tianshan Mountain

The wild mushrooms there grow along the Tianshan Mountain areas, with white pure color, tender meat, fresh taste and rich nutrition. Getting the title of “magic mushroom of Tianshan Mountain”, the mushrooms are pure natural organic food.

Where to Buy in Hami

Hami Tianma Shopping Mall

It is located on No.20 Tianshan North Road. It is the commercial center of Hami city so that you could buy diverse things there.

Lingxian Shopping Square

It lies on Guangchang South Road and is near to the Time Square. It is a big shopping center where you could buy different stuffs.

Dashizi Travel Shopping Street

It is in south of the intersection of Zhongshan South Road and Renming Road. The street provides all sorts of souvenirs.

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