Hami Climate

In spring, Hami climate sees many windy days, with largely changing temperature. Summer witnesses hot days, with strong evaporation. Days in autumn experience sunny time but with rapid cooling. In winter, it is quite chill.

Extreme maximum temperature in Hami is 43 ℃ and extreme minimum temperature is - 32 ℃. The average frost-free period is 182 days. Hami sees dry air, good atmospheric transparency and low cloud coverage, which brings it abundant energy resources. Therefore, Hami is one of the areas that enjoy energy resources superiority in China.

Hami also gets rich sunlight, with 3300 to 3500 hours of sunshine for the whole year, which makes it be one of areas that receive the most sunshine time.


There is a saying “wearing fur jackets in the morning but voile clothing in the evening, sitting and eating watermelons around the hot stove” which tells the large temperature differences of the day and night. So please bring suitable clothing with you.

Xinjiang experiences long time of sunlight, with high temperature in summer so you had better prepare some sun-protection things like sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, etc.

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