Hami Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Hami City Code: 650500
  • Zip code: 839000
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Hami Railway Station Information Desk: 7122222
  • Hami Tourism Supervision: 0902-2301703

Post Offices

  • Yiwu County Post Office: No.118 Zhenxing Road
  • Barkol County Post Office: No. 3 Hancheng East Street
  • Beijiaolu Post Office Branch: No. 33 Beijoa Road
  • Liushuquan Post Office Branch: Liushuquan Town
  • Railway Station Post Office Branch: No.1 Tianshan North Road


There is a saying “wearing fur jackets in the morning but voile clothing in the evening, sitting and eating watermelons around the hot stove” which tells the large temperature differences of the day and night. So please bring suitable clothing with you.

Xinjiang experiences long time of sunlight, with high temperature in summer so you had better prepare some sun-protection things like sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, etc.


There are different ethnic groups in Hami and some of them have their own belief so you should respect the local culture and customs.