7 Days Guizhou Highliths tours


  • Engjoy all highlights secnic spots of Guizhou :Huangguoshu waterfall,Libo Xiaoqikong,Xijiang Miao village,Fanjing mountain,Zhenyuan ancient town.
  • Visit Shiqiao Miao village and experience ancient papermaking.

Detailed Itinerary


Day 1 Arrive in Guiyang

Sightseeing and Activities: Guiyang Arrival

Accommodation: Guiyang


Your local guide and driver will meet you at the arrival hall of the airport, and then drive to your hotel. Have a good rest for the exciting trip.

Day 2 Guiyang-Anshun-Guiyang

Sightseeing and Activities: Huangguoshu waterfall

Accommodation: Guiyang

Meals: breakfast

After breakfast, we’ll drive to visit the Huangguoshu Waterfall, one of the largest waterfalls in China and Asia. It is the most attractive place for tourists, with 101 meters wide, plunging 78 meters down into Xiniu Pool (Rhinoceros Pool), and sending foam up to a height of 100 meters. The roar of the water can be heard some kilometers away. Rainbows appear on sunny days, adding a touch of extra beauty to the majesty of the cascade.

Then drive back to Guiyang and overnight at Guiyang Novotel.

Day 3 Guiyang-Libo

Sightseeing and Activities: Xiaoqikong , Daqikong

Accommodation: Libo

Meals: breakfast

After breakfast, we will drive to visit the Seven Small Arches Scenic Park (Xiao Qi Kong) (3.5hrs drive). Here you will find both surprise and delight. Seven Small Arches Scenic Park is a narrow valley within the natural forest. Renowned for its beauty, it affords visitors breathtaking views of stunning green water lakes, magnificent waterfalls that drop from the karst landform cliff, and idyllic forests that are picture postcard perfect.

Then take a bamboo raft to visit the Seven Big Arches Scenic Park(Daqikong scenic spot) to see the Naturel Bridge, Natural Bridge is honored as”Oriental Arch of Triumph”. It is originally the top of an underground river. In the Late Quaternary Period (about 12 thousand years ago), as a result of uplift of the Earth’s crust and undercutting of underground rivers, the top over the river partially collapsed. The remains finally form today’s Natural Bridge.

Drive to Libo(0.5hrs)and overnight.

Day 4 Libo-Xijiang

Sightseeing and Activities: “Batik Art” and “Ancient papermaking”, nightviews of Xijiang Miao village

Accommodation: Boutique hotel in Xijiang Miao village

Meals: breakfast

After breakfast, drive to Danzhai Village to experience the  “Batik Art”. Batik is a craft inherited through generations among the Miao ethnic group in southwest China’s Guizhou, and has a history of more than 2,000 years. Danzhai County is a major cradle of the Miao ethnic group’s batik craft. Bees wax melting, patterns drawing, indigo dyeing, and fabrics boiling are the main procedures of making batik by local people. The folk artwork is famous for its elegant color, graceful patterns and rich cultural meanings.

After lunch, we will drive to Shiqiao to experience ancient papermaking. Shiqiao Miao village is located in Danzhai County of Guizhou Province and has a history of more than 2,000 years in papermaking, since the middle of the Tang Dynasty. Miao people there have kept and preserved their ancient techniques and now the village is considered as the “living fossil” of ancient papermaking.

Then drive to Xijiang Miao village to enjoy the nightview and overnight.

Day 5 Xijiang-Fanjinshan

Sightseeing and Activities: Xijiang Miao village

Accommodation: Fanjingshan

Meals: breakfast

Visit Xijiang Qianhu Miao village. More than a thousand families live here, and 10 villages built along the mountain are connected into a whole, forming this largest Miao village in the world, and known as the “Miao Capital”. It is called the “Museum of Chinese Miao Culture and Art”, and is the “living fossil” to study the history and culture of the Miao ethnic group. Senior Miao women wear their long dark hair coiled up in neat buns on the top of their heads while the younger Miao women prefer to adorn them with large colorful bone combs and pretty flowers. Each woman has her traditional clothing, head dress and other jeweler which is worn at special festivals throughout the year.

Then drive to Jiangkou town after lunch(3.5hrs) and stay overnight in a guesthouse.

Day 6 Fanjinshan-Zhenyuan

Sightseeing and Activities: Fanjing mountain

Accommodation: Zhenyuan

Meals: breakfast

After breakfast, we will go visit the legendary Fanjing Mountain. Fanjingshan National Nature Preserve was listed as the UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 2018 with the peculiar conspicuous mountains formation in sea of karst retained from the remote era 65-2 million years ago and praised as the No.5 Buddhist Mountain in China for being the place of enlightenment of Buddha Maitreya. You will hike up to the eye-catching Red Clouds Golden Summit to witness the praisable Fanjingshan Temple built on the top, walk to the landmark mushroom-like stone, have the panorama of the vast enchanting Mount Fanjing from the best sightseeing place on the Old Golden Summit, pray at the sacred large Chen En Temple cluster, and enjoy more beautiful stones and rocks, Buddhist sites, etc.

In the afternoon, we will drive to visit the Zhenyuan Ancient Town(2hrs drive), which has long been an ancient town of the Miao people. Time-honored history endows Zhenyuan Ancient Town with many rich and generous cultural relics, making it much like a historic garden. The town covers only an area of 3.1 square kilometers but greets you with more than 160 scenic spots including caves, palaces, pavilions, temples and rivers with their unique architecture, exquisite engravings and marvelous natural landscape.

You can take a boat to admire the night view and enjoy the leisure time in the ancient town.

Overnight at Zhenyuan.

Day 7 Zhenyuan-Guiyang

Sightseeing and Activities: Zhenyuan ancient town

Accommodation: None

Meals: breakfast

After breakfast, free to visit Zhenyuan ancient town, In the afternoon, drive back to Guiyang(3hrs) and transfer to airport, end of tour.

Service Included:

  • All land transfer and transportation as listed in the itinerary;
  • Excellent English speaking tour guide and skilled driver;
  • Entrance tickets mentioned in the itinerary;
  • Two bottles of water each day each person;
  • Accommodation with breakfast;

Service Excluded:

  • Any arrival and departure international airfares or train tickets;
  • Chinese visa fees;
  • Tips to guides and drivers;
  • Personal expenses and gratuities to service staff;
  • Personal travel accident insurance;
  • All optional programs.

Travel Tips:

  • Visitors are advised to always carry changes of clothing due to the large variations in temperature between day and night.
  • Protecting oneself from strong UV radiation at high altitude.
  • Protecting oneself from altitude sickness. Lessen the effects of altitude sickness, avoid strenuous exercise and have plenty of rest.
  • Respect local customs , habits, and religious beliefs.
  • When take photos, please pay attention to your safety, do not shoot in dangerous areas.