Guizhou Attractions

Guizhou has a long and splendid ethnic history and culture, rich and mysterious ethnic customs as well as pleasant climate, making it an ideal tourist sightseeing and summer resort. Guizhou tourism resource is made up of natural landscapes, climate species, lakes, mountains and rivers, ethnic customs, sacred sites and social development. Guizhou is a province rich in tourism resources types. Here, mountains, water, caves, forests and stones, all blend into one harmonious whole. World-renowned Huangguoshu Waterfall, Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area, Chishui Danxia Landform, Zhijin Cave, Qianling Park, Qingyan Ancient Town and other scenic spots are like a string of colorful gems, making tourists unforgettable. Visitors can not only experience nature and enjoy the infinite charm of the magical scenery, but also can realize the imprint left by the Chinese history. Moreover, people can also feel the spirit of China's red revolution. In Guizhou, the world-famous long March culture of the Red Army is represented by the Zunyi ruins and the remains of Red Army crossing Chishui four times to make people remember the past, to recall and cherish the memory of the national heroes. Guizhou also has a variety of minority villages, such as Zhaoxing Dong village and Basha Miao village. More Guizhou Attractions, please check the following lists.