Guizhou Dining

Guizhou food mainly includes Qian cuisine and local snacks. Guizhou food, also called Qian cuisine, is one of the eight major cuisines in China. The reason why it is called Qian cuisine is that Qian is the short name for Guizhou Province. Guizhou cuisine is as spicy as Sichuan cuisine, but that's the only thing they have in common. Guizhou cuisine is both sour and spicy, making it unique among Chinese cuisine styles. The locals love their Guizhou cuisine very much and there is an old local saying that "Without eating a sour dish for three days, people will stagger with weak legs" This fully reflects their love of local cuisine.

What to Eat in Guizhou

Guizhou Hotpot

Guizhou cuisine is characterized by spicy and hot, and offers various kinds of hot pot options, such as Huajiang dog meat hot pot, Kaili sour soup fish hot pot, Guiyang green pepper young chicken hot pot. Guizhou hot pot enjoys a high reputation throughout the country because of its carefully selected ingredients and seasonings, as well as its unique local flavor. Like hot pots in other parts of China, you can choose the ingredients you want and cook at your own pace. The difference is its pinto beans, bacon and onion soup. You should prepare a bowl of seasonings that you can mix with the soup for dipping. Hot pot is the best seller, especially in cold months.

Sour Soup Fish

It is a famous Guizhou cuisine. This dish is sour, spicy and appetizing. Add pepper, local specialties and much local nutritive Chinese herbal medicine, use tomato to make it sour, and then put the clean fish into the pot to boil it. You will get a little plate with kinds of delicious sauce including soy sauce, ginger, pepper, sesame seed oil, preserved bean curd, red pepper oil. With bright golden color, this dish tastes mellow, a little hot and sweet with a unique fragrance.

SiWaWa丝娃娃(Vegetarian Spring Rolls)

SiWaWa(alias Vegetarian Spring Rolls) is one of the common local traditional snacks in Guiyang, it can be seen in almost every street in Guiyang. Many visitors consider it as the most delicious but cheapest local snack in Guiyang. WaWa literally means baby as the shape of the snack is the same with a baby in swaddling clothes. It is made from thin cake and stuffed with cooked vegetables, which typically are sliced carrot, shredded kelp, sliced cucumber, Celery and Houttuynia. Finally, Spicy and sour juices are also added to give it flavor.

Bean Curd in Love恋爱豆腐果

As one of the popular snacks in Guiyang, Bean Curd in love is a small piece of bean curd roasted on an oiled iron sheet or wire mesh over chaff fire. Until the bean curd is roasted brownish and oily, then cut it open and stuff in the sauce of vinegar, hot pepper, ginger, soy sauce, garlic and sesame oil. It tastes tender and tasty.

Chang Wang Noodles肠旺面

Changwang Noodle is made of noodles with eggs and the favorite breakfast for people in Guiyang. After boiling in water, then scooped it up and put into the chicken soup, the noodles are decorated with some cooked pig intestines, blood curd, crisp pork dices and hot pepper oil on the top. Thus the noodles look so colorful with bright red soup, yolk-yellow noodles, white intestines, tender green scallion and fresh bean sprouts. 

Where to Eat in Guizhou

1. Zhangji Si Wa Wa张记丝娃娃
Address: No.107, Wenhua Road, Nanming District, Guiyang City贵阳市南明区文化路口107号
Tel: 13985506666

2. Liuji Changwang Noddles刘记肠旺面
Address: No.4, Baoshan South Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang贵阳市云岩区宝山南路4号

3. Ding Guan Cheng鼎罐城
Address: No.1, Dapo East Road, Xiaobi Township, Nanming District, Guiyang City贵阳市南明区小碧乡大坡东路1号
Tel: 0851-85402632

4. Huaxi Wangji Beef Noodles花溪王记牛肉粉
Address: No.129, Daying Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City贵阳市云岩区大营路129号
Tel: 0851-86752887

5. La casa Italian Restaurant La casa意大利餐厅
Address: No.1, North Ring Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City贵阳市云岩区环城北路1号
Tel: 18153118531

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