Hami Festivals and Events

The following are further details about Hami festivals and activities that might be useful for you.

Hami Melon Festival

It comes in July of each year when melons are ripe. During the activity, Hami melon banquets are given. Also, visitors are provided with free melons with various categories. In addition, there would be Uighur ethnic singing and dancing, stunts show and other special activities.

Lesser Bairam

The event falls in September of Mohammedan calendar. It is a festival for those who believe in Mohammedanism. Before the festival, people would clean their houses and make all sorts for cake and new clothes. After their service in mosque, people would go back home to prepare beef and mutton and give out to the poor. During the period, they only eat during the time from sunset to sunrise. The event continues 3 days.

Corban Festival

It is a Muslim festival. In the early morning of the festival, Muslims bathe and then wear neat and formal clothes to go to the mosque to attend their ceremonies. Whether in the cities or the countryside squire, grand Maxrap dancing shows are held. Colorful and wonderful decoration is made during the event.

Lantern Festival (Baluoti Festival)

It is a traditional festival of Tajik people. Before the festival, every family makes their lampwicks by using hay and cotton, soaking the two materials in the mutton fat. Then the lantern is done. The festival is a way for Tajik people to gain good luck and blessings.

Nawuluzi Festival

The festival falls a little before or after March 22nd , and it marks the arriving of the new year. It is a traditional Kazak festival. People would clean houses and prepare food for it and make special rice for the festival. People also wear ethnic clothes and pay New Year calls to each other.

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