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Chinese Name: 稻城县 English IPA: dào chéng Location: South of Garze Prefecture Population (city): 32450 Language: Tibetan Zip code: 626000 Tel code: 0836 Time zone: UTC+8

“Daocheng” and “Yading” often appear together, so that many people cannot understand the relationship between Daocheng and Yading. First of all, Daocheng is a county under Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. Yading is a scenic spot in Daocheng County, 108 kilometers away from Daocheng County. For most people, Daocheng County, which has few scenic spots, is a post station leading to the picturesque Yading scenic spot. The Daocheng Shangri-La Ecotourism Zone, with Yading at its core, is known as “the soul of Shangri-La in China” and “the last piece of pure land on the blue planet” with its magnificent scenery of snowy mountains, glaciers, lakes, grasslands, waterfalls, etc.


  • Snow-covered Plateau Scenery: Daocheng is located in the western Sichuan plateau, where snow-capped mountains and glaciers, meadows and woodlands, streams and lakes make up all the elements of the snow-covered plateau. The “Three Sacred Mountains” stand in a three-legged position and are holy and lofty. Haizi Mountain, the world’s largest relic of ancient ice bodies, is covered with lakes and stretches out to infinity. There are also warm and gorgeous red meadows, green poplar forests, crystal clear Milk Sea and Five-color Sea, all of which are “rare in the world.”
  • Hiking Paradise: Daocheng is revered as a holy place by hikers. It has a mature and challenging hiking route such as a “small mountain turn” that covers the highlights of Yading scenic spot, a “big mountain turn” that walks clockwise around three snowy mountains, and a longer-distance crossing of Yading-Muli and Yading-Lugu Lake. Both junior and professional hikers can get a wonderful experience of “body in hell and eyes in heaven”.
  • Last Shangri-La: Daocheng is known as the “last Shangri La” and has jurisdiction over Shangri La town. In fact, in addition to Daocheng, Yunnan, Nepal and Pakistan also have places called Shangri La. Shangri La may just be a utopian fantasy in the novel the Lost Horizon. Although we can’t say that Daocheng is Shangri La, no one can deny that Daocheng is a fairyland that people pursue unremittingly and cherish forever.

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Daocheng County Attractions

Daocheng Shangri-La Ecotourism Zone, with Yading at its core, is known as "the soul of Shangri-La in China" and "the last piece of pure land on the blue planet" with its magnificent scenery of snowy mountains, glaciers, lakes, grasslands, waterfalls, etc. Daocheng County (Garzê) Attractions include a list of top things to do and must-see attractions in Daocheng County. All attractions picked by our seasoned travel advisors and rated by our customers. Following is the list of Top Attractions in [...]

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Daocheng County Tours

You may need 3-4 days for Daocheng travelling. Many people traveled thousands of miles to Daocheng in order to have a look at Yading's "Three Sacred Mountains": the North Peak Xiannairi Holy Mountain, the South Peak Yangmaiyong Holy Mountain, the East Peak Xianuoduoji Holy Mountain. Whether you stop at the foot of the mountain or hike on the mountain, you can feel the holiness and flawlessness of the mountain. The five-color sea and the milk sea are inlaid between the sacred [...]

Climate & When to Go

Daocheng County is located in a subtropical climate zone. Influenced by the complex topography of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Daocheng County has the characteristics of plateau climate and continental climate, belonging to the plateau monsoon climate. The weather is sunny and sunny most of the year. Daocheng County (Garzê) Weather and Climate describes information with temperature, precipitation, Geography, What Clothes to Wear in Daocheng County, weather and climate by month, climate graph, 15 days Daocheng County weather forecast. Find out the [...]

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Daocheng County is located on the southwest edge of Sichuan Province and in the south of Garze Prefecture. Located in the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and to the east of Hengduan Mountains, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture belongs to Kangba Tibetan area. There is no railway in Daocheng county, so tourists can only take plane or bus to Daocheng. The quickest way to get to Daocheng is by taking flight to Daocheng Yading Airport, then by local vehicle to Daocheng County. Daocheng County (Garzê) Transportation [...]

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Festivals and Activities

The residents of Daocheng are mainly Tibetans, so many festivals are based on Tibetan customs. Among them, the most important is the Tibetan New Year, besides which there are many other traditional festivals. Daocheng County Festivals and Events introduce a brief introduction of festivals and activities and tell travelers Top Things to Do for Daocheng County festivals Tours and important Daocheng County events. Festivals and Events in Daocheng Tibetan New Year The grand festival of Daocheng is the Tibetan New Year. At the beginning [...]

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Travel Tips

In 2003, Chinese national geography magazine published an article introducing Yading in Daocheng, and called it “the last piece of pure land in the world”. Thus, it has become a well-known tourist resort in the country. Before traveling to Daocheng, it is helpful for you to know some travel tips. Daocheng County (Garzê) Travel FAQs and Tips introduce the city and zip codes, post offices, useful numbers, hospitals, banks for foreign exchange, Government and famous universities. When plan your trip to Daocheng County, [...]

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Useful Maps

Daocheng County (Garzê) Travel Maps in English includes Maps List of Daocheng County Tourist Attractions, Maps of Daocheng County Hotels, Maps of Daocheng County Tours, Daocheng County Subway Maps, Maps of Transportation. It show the specific location maps of main roads, Transportation, railway, stations, Bus Stations, Airports, expressway, administrative division, famous tourist attractions, travel and tours, universities, banks and hospitals. [...]

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Daocheng County Accommodation

Accommodation in Daocheng county is generally divided into two large areas: Daocheng County Seat (Jinzhu town) and Yading. Accommodation conditions in Daocheng County are relatively good, mainly youth hostels and family hotels, and there are also some economy hotels. Accommodation expenses in Daocheng are greatly affected by accommodation conditions and seasons. The reference price for youth hostel and family hotels is about 40-50 yuan/bed (or around 120 yuan), and the reference price for economy hotels is about 180-300 yuan/room. Accommodation conditions in [...]

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