Daocheng County Shopping

As a matter of fact, there is no special product in Daocheng. However, as long as you have a unique eye, there are still many things that can be included in your purchase list, such as horse bells, homemade wine cans, plain zanba boxes ... they are all very interesting souvenirs. Daocheng County (Garzê) Shopping Guide provides you the detailed information about Daocheng County local specialties, featured shopping areas, What and Where to Buy in Daocheng County, Daocheng County Local Products, Souvenirs, Shopping Districts, Streets and Malls.

What to Buy in Daocheng

When shopping in Daocheng, the first choice is Echu Street, where you can buy silver ornaments with strong Tibetan style. However, many silver ornaments there are fake and must be paid attention to when purchasing. In addition, pure Sangji Zhuo Ma highland barley wine (Cordyceps wine and Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae wine), butter products, dried meat and wild bacteria can be purchased. However, the prices of these things vary widely and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad.

If you are lucky, you can meet Tibetans selling their rhodiola rosea, saussurea involucrata, cordyceps, fritillary bulb, snow tea, ganoderma lucidum, snow lotus and other medicinal materials to shops along the street. Most of them are genuine and cheap, so you must take the opportunity to buy some. In addition, there are some handicrafts such as Tibetan knives and ornaments to choose from.

Tibetan Ornaments

The main materials of Tibetan ornaments are natural stones, corals, animal bones and silver. The rough appearance has delicate connotation. Small patterns, engraving, and mosaic are ingenious designs of Tibetan decoration and emit strong ancient and local flavor. All the decorations are hand-made, which is a good souvenir.

Daocheng Air Dried Meat

Air dried meat is generally made from November to March. Tibetan residents in Daocheng like to make fresh beef and mutton into small pieces to dry for food. It has a unique taste, crisp entrance, and can be dipped in salt and pepper powder or sauce. If you want to visit the Tibetan family, you can buy some from the owner, and you can also buy them on the street.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis is a kind of common traditional Chinese medicine produced in Sichuan Province. It is the dry daughter and body of the ergot fungus Cordyceps sinensis and its host bat moth, bat moth larva, etc. The daughter comes from the head of the host larva. It is solitary and slender like a baseball bat, with a length of 4cm-11cm. It is warm and sweet in nature and has the functions of nourishing lung, kidney, essence and Qi, etc.

Featured herbs are probably the most valuable commodities here. Antler, Cordyceps and Fritillaria are the most common Chinese herbal medicines in Daocheng shops. Before buying, please compare the goods and ask more about the price.

Tricholoma Matsutake

Tricholoma matsutake is a kind of mushroom grown under 4,000 meters of pine wood. Its taste is extremely fresh. After fresh Tricholoma matsutake is baked into dry slices, it can be enjoyed throughout the year. It is very delicious when stewing chicken in clear soup. In July and August, fresh Tricholoma matsutake can be eaten in Daocheng, otherwise, some dried slices will be bought back, but the dried slices of Tricholoma matsutake sold in general stores are mixed with ordinary mushrooms. The top of the real dried matsutake slices is dark brown, and the umbrella stem is divided into very light yellow. The thickness of the top is about 2-3mm, and the taste is extremely thick.

Where to Buy in Daocheng

Commercial Streets/Shopping Centers in Daocheng

  • E'chu Street(俄初街)
    Add: Daocheng County, Garze Prefecture(甘孜州稻城县)
  • Yading Tianjie Commercial Pedestrian Street(亚丁天街商业步行街)
    Add: Section I of Yading Road, Daocheng County(稻城县亚丁路一段)
  • Yading Shopping Center(亚丁购物中心)
    Add: Section 2, Dexi Street, Jinzhu Town, Daocheng County(稻城县金珠镇德西街2段)
    Tel: (0836)5728218
  • Jianhua Shopping Mall(建华商场)
    Add: No.1, Section 2, Jinzhu Town, Daocheng County(甘孜藏族自治州稻城县金珠2段1号)
    Tel: (0836)5728856

Specialty Stores in Daocheng

  • Tao Tao Zang Di Shi(淘淘藏地饰)
    Add: E'chu Street(稻城县俄初街)
  • Yanzang Yak Meat(盐藏牦牛肉)
    Add: No. 88, Wabo Street, Daocheng County(稻城县波瓦街)
    Tel: 18081665800
  • Cunjia Yading Silver(寸家亚丁银坊)
    Add: E'chu Street(稻城县俄初街)
    Tel: 13518449702
  • Tie Jiang Pu(铁匠铺)
    Add: Northeast intersection of Daocheng County(稻城县城十字路口东北)
  • Kingdom of Wild Mushrooms(野生菌王国)
    Add: Gongga street, Daocheng County(稻城县贡嘎街)
  • Zhaxidele Specialty(扎西德勒土特产)
    Add: No.68, District B, Gongba Road, Daocheng County(稻城县贡巴路b区68号)
    Tel: (0836)8682008
  • Jixiang Specialty(吉祥土特产)
    Add: No.3, Main Entrance of Yading Tianjie, Daocheng County(稻城县亚丁天街正大门3号)
    Tel: 13568289369

Supermarkets in Daocheng

  • Jianhua Supermarket(建华超市)
    Add: Daocheng County, 216 provincial road, 50 meters south(稻城县216省道南50米)
  • Qunhui Supermarket(群惠超市)
    Add: 1/F, Building 4, Area D, New District, Jinzhu Town(金珠镇新区D区4栋1楼)
    Tel: (0836)5728385
  • Bobo Supermarket(波波超市)
    Add: No.88, Section 1, Gongga Road, Jinzhu Town, Daocheng County(稻城县金珠镇贡嘎路一段88号)
    Tel: (0836)5725677,(0836)5726677

Edited by Hellen He/何琴