Daocheng County Education

In 2010, Daocheng County invested 6.81 million yuan to start the construction of four education projects of "Ten Year Action Plan". By the end of 2010, there were 3238 primary school students and 1293 junior high school students in Daocheng County. 4500 students in compulsory education enjoy the policy of "two exemptions". By 2011, there were 28 schools in Daocheng County with 4524 students. Daocheng County (Garzê) Education and Schools introduce Daocheng County Education tours and some information about the Kindergarten, primary schools and middle schools in Daocheng County. It helps students and teachers to design students education tours with local schools in Daocheng County.

Middle Schools in Daocheng

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Daocheng County Middle School 稻城县城区中学 Urban area of Daocheng County, Ganzi Prefecture(甘孜州稻城县城区) 0836-5728102
Daocheng County Dongyi District Central School 稻城县东义区中心校 Jiertongshang Village, Xiaji Township, Daocheng County稻城县吉呷乡吉尔同上村 0836-5727117

Kindergarten and Primary Schools in Daocheng

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Daocheng County Jiguan Kindergarten 稻城县机关幼儿园 No. 6, East Street, Jinzhu Town, Daocheng County稻城县金珠镇东街6号 0836-5728176
Dengpo Township Central Primary School 稻城县邓坡乡中心小学 Dengpo Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Shengmu Township Central Primary School 稻城县省母乡中心小学 Shengmu Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Sangdui Township Central Primary School 稻城县桑堆乡中心小学 Sangdui Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Banghe Township Central Primary School 稻城县傍河乡中心小学 Banghe Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Sela Township Central Primary School 稻城县色拉乡中心小学 Sela Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Julong Township Central Primary School 稻城县巨龙乡中心小学 Julong Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Mula Township Central Primary School 稻城县木拉乡中心校 Mula Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Shangri-La Town Central Primary School 稻城县香格里拉镇中心小学 Shangri-La Town, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Mengzi Township Central Primary School 稻城县蒙自乡中心小学 Mengzi Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Geka Township Central Primary School 稻城县各卡乡中心小学 Geka Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Chitu Township Central Primary School 稻城县赤土乡中心小学 Chitu Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Eyatong Township Central Primary School 稻城县俄牙同乡中心小学 Eyatong Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117
Rubu Township Central Primary School 稻城县茹布乡城区小学 Rubu Township, Daocheng County 0836-5727117

Daocheng Educational Tours

For ten years, we have helped teachers and students discover the world through culturally immersive educational travel. Our student programs are designed for participating in diverse local activities and improving student’s appreciation for traditional Chinese values and lifestyles. Students can live with homestay families who have been chosen and trained in hosting student groups. These experiences with the local people will provide memories and learnings that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in Daocheng Students Educational Tours, please contact us.

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