Daocheng County Dining

There are many restaurants in Daocheng county, and the most concentrated place is around the bus station, with Tibetan and Sichuan cuisine as the main dishes. Tibetan restaurants mainly supply Tibetan food such as butter tea, yak meat, yogurt, highland barley wine, highland barley cakes. Sichuan Restaurant mainly supplies rice, stir-fried dishes and pasta. Due to its location on the plateau, rice is somewhat stiff and the dishes are not so rich. Before entering Yading scenic spot, most tourists will have a meal at the restaurant in Yading village, but the price is higher, a dish of stir-fried dishes is 40-50 yuan. You can also choose to eat at the hotel you stay in, or take with you solid food such as highland barley cakes, zanba and biscuits to fill your stomach. Daocheng County Dining introduces Daocheng County Food and Restaurants to solve the problem of What to Eat in Daocheng County and Where to Eat in Daocheng County.

What to Eat in Daocheng County


Tsamb is an important Tibetan food. It's very simple to make. Just dry and fry the highland barley, then ground them into fine flour. The Zanba in Garze County is different from other places, and it is a kind of Shuitao Zanba with local characteristics. Shuitao Zanba has a long history. It is famous in Kangba for its good selection of materials, fine processing and delicious fragrance. In 1992, Xueshan Zanba was praised by the prefecture and abroad for its excellent quality, taste, color and fragrance, and was officially patented.

Butter Tea

In Tibetan's home, the butter teapot is being simmered on the Huotang (a kind of Chinese fireplace) from morning till night, and you can drink fragrant and hot butter tea at any time. Butter tea is rich in nutrition, delicious and refreshing, and it is popular among Tibetan people.Yak butter tea has been dubbed as the "Tibetan national beverage”.

Yak Meat

Yak meat is the most common food in the plateau, which is air-dried or fresh. Air-dried meat sold at specialty store or stalls is about 150 yuan/kg with original flavor, spiced, spicy and other flavors. Sauce flavor is better. Fresh yak meat is about 80 yuan/kg and can be eaten in ordinary Tibetan restaurants. There are many cooking methods such as marinating, roasting and frying. Yak hot pot is also a special dish of Daocheng.


In the Daocheng where dairy products are naturally abundant, and yogurt is one of the most characteristic of Tibetans. The biggest difference between Daocheng yoghurt and ordinary yoghurt is that there is yellow milk skin on the surface and the taste at the entrance is rather sour. If you are not used to it, you can peel off the milk and drink it. You can add sugar to neutralize the sour taste. Yogurt is helpful for digestion and has antibacterial effect, which can relieve discomfort brought by plateau environment to a certain extent.

Barley Wine

Known as "Tibetan beer", barley wine is yellowish with acid and sweet, which is an indispensable beverage in the life of Tibetan people, as well as a good drink to celebrate festivals and treat friends. Although highland barley wine is only 15-20 degrees, it's not suitable to drink too much on the plateau to avoid causing altitude reaction.

Highland Barley Cake

Highland barley can be used not only to make highland barley wine, but also to make highland barley cakes after grinding, fermenting and baking. The skin of the highland barley cake is golden yellow, and it tastes sweet and crisp. If it is accompanied by porridge and eggs, it is a genuine Tibetan breakfast. Because of the special characteristics of highland barley, highland barley cakes are not easy to deteriorate even if exposed to the air for a long time, so you can buy several at one time and take them on the road to appease hunger.

Stewed Chicken with Matsutake

Tricholoma matsutake is called "noble in wild bacteria" and "elvish food". This fungus can only survive in pollution-free high-altitude mountain areas, and only one fungus can be dug up after a kilometer of mountain road, which shows its value. Tricholoma matsutake is fresh and sweet with chicken and fragrant with herbs. Even if you are not used to other Tibetan dishes, it is hard not to like this famous dish of Daocheng. 

Where to Eat in Daocheng

Tibetan Restaurants

There are many Tibetan restaurants on both sides of the county streets, most of which are owned by Tibetans. All kinds of special delicacies can be tasted here. 

  • Jinlunlinka Tibetan Restaurant(金轮林卡藏餐厅)
    Add: Section 1, Gongga Road, Daocheng County (near Xueshan Square)稻城县贡嘎路一段(近雪山广场)
    Tel: 0836-5726678
  • Xueyu Tibetan Restaurant(雪域藏餐)
    Add: No. 53, Section 1, Gongga Road, Daocheng County稻城县贡嘎路一段53号
  • Daocheng Yading Tibetan Restaurant(稻城亚丁藏餐)
    Add: Section 1, Gongga Road, Daocheng County稻城县贡嘎路一段
  • Batang Tibetan Restaurant(巴塘藏餐)
    Add: 30 meters south of Daocheng bus station稻城县汽车站向南30米
  • Gongbuami Tibetan Restaurant(贡布阿米藏文化主题餐厅)
    Add: Xiangbala Tianjie, Shangri-La Town, Daocheng County(稻城县香格里拉镇香巴拉天街)
    Tel: 0836-5721111

Sichuan Restaurants

If you are not used to Tibetan food, there are many Sichuan restaurants in the county seat to choose from. In addition to classic Sichuan dishes such as Hui Guo Rou, Yu Xiang Rousi and Kung pao chicken, you can also eat hotpot and spicy hot pot here. However, because food materials are not easily available, Sichuan cuisine here will be more expensive than those in cities. The following Sichuan restaurants have a good reputation and are very popular.

  • Fat Big Sister Restaurant(胖大姐餐厅)
    Add: No. 90, Bowa street, Daocheng County稻城县波瓦街90号
  • Sichuan and Chongqing Duck Soup(川渝老鸭汤)
    Add: The first section of Gongga Road, opposite to Xueshan Square, Daocheng County稻城县贡嘎路一段雪山广场斜对面
    Tel: 0836-5728308
  • Chengdu Restaurant(成都餐厅)
    Add: Provincial Highway 216 of Daocheng County稻城县216省道
  • Pengfei Restaurant(鹏飞餐厅)
    Add: Section I of Yading Road, Daocheng County稻城县亚丁路一段

Edited by Hellen He/何琴

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