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You may need 3-4 days for Daocheng travelling. Many people traveled thousands of miles to Daocheng in order to have a look at Yading's "Three Sacred Mountains": the North Peak Xiannairi Holy Mountain, the South Peak Yangmaiyong Holy Mountain, the East Peak Xianuoduoji Holy Mountain. Whether you stop at the foot of the mountain or hike on the mountain, you can feel the holiness and flawlessness of the mountain. The five-color sea and the milk sea are inlaid between the sacred mountains, showing more purity and flexibility. Daocheng County travel packages list all of Daocheng County tours, Daocheng Yading tours, Daocheng tours itinerary with Yading Nature Reserve and China tours including Daocheng County. Plan Daocheng County tours including 1-30 days trip and tours, Daocheng County food culture tours, join group tours and sightseeing tours.

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