Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve Pilgrimage Trekking Travel Guide

Yading Nature Reserve, located in Western Sichuan, is a hidden gem that combines breathtaking natural beauty with spiritual significance. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting this pristine reserve and embarking on an unforgettable trek around the sacred peaks:

  1. Why Visit Yading?
    • Yading remains an off-the-beaten-path destination, especially for foreigners.
    • It offers a unique glimpse into Tibetan culture without the need for a mandatory tour guide.
    • American explorer Dr. Joseph Rock captured its beauty in photos, which were published in National Geographic in 1931.
    • Yading is often associated with Shangri-La, and its stunning landscapes likely inspired James Hilton’s mythical paradise.
  2. Getting to Yading:
    • Flying: You can fly to Daocheng Yading Airport and then travel overland to the reserve.
    • Overland: From Daocheng, take a bus or private vehicle to Riwa, the gateway to Yading.
  3. Where to Stay:
    • Daocheng: A convenient base for exploring the region.
    • Riwa: Close to the reserve entrance.
    • Yading Village: Offers a more immersive experience.
    • Camping: For adventurous souls.
  4. Entering the Reserve:
    • Purchase your entrance ticket at the gate.
    • Be prepared for high-altitude conditions.
  5. What to Do:
    • Mt. Chenrezig Kora Trekking:
      • Stage 1: Chonggu Monastery to Luorong Grasslands.
      • Stage 2: Luorong Grasslands to Milk Lake.
      • Stage 3: Milk Lake to the First Col.
      • Stage 4: First Col to the Second Col.
      • Stage 5: Crossing the Second Col.
      • Stage 6: Second Col to Pearl Lake.
  6. Itineraries:
    • 3-Day Yading Nature Reserve Itinerary:
      • Day 1: Travel from Daocheng to Riwa.
      • Day 2: Explore the reserve.
      • Day 3: Depart from Riwa.
    • 4-Day Yading Nature Reserve Itinerary:
      • Add an extra day for further exploration.
  7. When to Visit:
    • Fall (September-October): Golden foliage and pleasant weather.
    • Spring (April-May): Beautiful scenery.
    • Summer: More precipitation but still manageable.
  8. Tips:
    • Acclimatize to the altitude.
    • Pack layers, sturdy shoes, and essentials.
    • Respect local customs and the sacred nature of the peaks.

Yading Nature Reserve is a place where earthly beauty meets spiritual reverence. Prepare for an adventure that will stay with you long after you leave!

Yading Nature Reserve in Daocheng County, Garze