Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve Pilgrimage Trekking Travel Guide

Yading Nature Reserve is a beautiful place in the Tibetan plateau with towering mountain peaks, alpine lakes and vast pastures. You can hike to the many beautiful lakes, and witness locals complete pilgrimage treks on unmaintained paths around the sacred Xiannairi mountain regularly. As someone who loves a challenge, the small kora pilgrimage trek was very hard to resist. This Yading hike was one of my most memorable experiences in China.

Preparations and Acclimatisation
Getting to Yading Nature Reserve
Getting to Daocheng
Chengdu to Daocheng:
Shangrila to Daocheng
Daocheng to Yading:
Planning A Yading Hike
The Small Kora Hike
Reaching the 1st Col
Onwards to the gruelling 2nd Col
2nd Col down to Pearl LakeYading Nature Reserve in Daocheng County, Garze