13 Days Emeishan and Wawushan Mountains birding tour

Duration:13 days
Birds possibleabout 100-150
Best season:from April to August

Day 1:  
Arrive in Chengdu

Day 2:

The Golden Summit Temple of Mount Emei

drive from Chengdu to Leidong Ping(2500m) of Emeishan,then birding up to the Golden Summit (3079m)  Overnight at Golden Summit Hotel
Day 3:

The Golden Summit Temple of Mount Emei

Early morning, we’ll Birding in Golden Summit Areas, and then  descent from Golden Summit to Xixiangchi Monastery( Elephant Washing Pool Monastery)(2050m). birding all the way. Overnight at Xixiang Pool Monastery

Day 4:
Morning birding near Xixiang Monastery then walk down to Xianfeng Monastery (1700M).             Overnight in Xiangfenf Monastery
Day 5:
Birding around in Xian Feng Monastery area. Overnight in Xianfeng Monastery, Overnight in Xiangfeng Monastery
Day 6:
Walk down to Hongchunping (or HongchunTerrace 1300m), birding all the way. Overnight in Hongchun Monastery
Day 7:
Walk down to Wu Xian Gang Car Park, birding all the way, then take the sightseeing bus to Baoguosi(700m). Overnight in Hong Zhu Shan Hotel
Day 8:
After some easy morning birdwatching around our hotel, we’ll drive from Emeishan to Mt. Wawushan
Day 9
Full day birding in the middle level of Mt. Wawushan.
Day 10
Early morning, take the cable car to higher level of Wawushan, half day birding, back to hotel have lunch, then drive to the lower level, explore along the way till getting dark. Overnight in Wawushan.
Day 11
Drive to lower level for morning birding, and back to hotel have lunch, then cable car up to higher level, explore in some new trails. Back till getting dark.  Overnight in Wawushan.
Day 12
Free time for your to do birding in Wawushan. After lunch Drive the way back to Chengdu. .
Day 13
Departure from Chengdu