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Chinese Name: 九江 English IPA: /dʒuːdʒɪ'æŋ/ Location: The northern part of Jiangxi Population (city): 4,873,300 Language: Mandarin Zip code: 332000 Tel code: 0792 Time zone: UTC+8

Jiujiang is famous for a lot of rivers’ collecting here. In ancient times, Jiujiang got these names, including Chaisang (柴桑), Xunyang (浔阳), Jiangzhou (江州) and so on. It enjoys the great fame of Thoroughfare to Seven Provinces and the Town of Military Importance in the South of Yangtze River since ancient time. Due to convenient transportation, rich products, prosperous business and well-developed education, Jiujiang has ranked in the Three Important Tea Markets and the Four Important Rice Markets in ancient china. Besides, a great number of famous literates and poets were born here like Tao Yuanming, Huang Tingjian and so on. Meanwhile, many giants in the literary world such as Li Bai, Bai Juyi and Ouyang Xiu etc. have been attracted by Jiujiang and praised its beautiful views by the numerous poems and essays, which turned into valuable historic and cultural heritages.


  • The Biggest Freshwater Lake of China: Poyang Lake collects water from Gan River, Fu River, Xin River, Xiushui River as well as Rao River and empties into Yangtze River.
  • A Famous Historic and Cultural City: Anciently known as Chaisang (柴桑), Xunyang (浔阳) and Jiangzhou (江州), Jiujiang is a city with a long history. A great number of famous literates and poets were born here like Tao Yuanming (陶渊明), Huang Tingjian (黄庭坚) and so on. Besides, a lot of celebrities, such as Li Bai (李白), Bai Juyi (白居易) and Su Shi (苏轼) were attracted by Jiujiang and most of them visited Jiujiang and wrote many poems and essays about Jiujiang, which turned to be valuable historic and cultural heritages.
  • World Cultural Landscape and World Geological Park: Mount Lushan is a famous cultural and historic mountain, and it is also a summer resort. Mount Lushan covers a total area of 302 square meters and the mountain space is 282 square kilometers. The highest peak is 1474 meters. With the features of grandeur, steep, peculiar and elegant, Mount Lushan creates special charms in different seasons: the fascinating spring, namely the refreshing summer, the brilliant autumn and the snowing winter. No matter which season, you always can enjoy picturesque scenery. 

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Jiujiang Attractions

Jiujiang is located in the north of Jiangxi province in china. There is a historic mountain, Mount Lushan, which is a famous summer resort. Besides, Jiujiang is bounded in the north by Poyang Lake that is the biggest freshwater lake in china. More significantly, it collects water from Gan River, Fu River, Xin River, Xiushui River as well as Rao River and empties into Yangtze River. Jiujiang boasts numerous scenic spots and historic sites, such as Xunyang Tower (浔阳楼), [...]

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Jiujiang Tours

There are various tours that focus on different themes in Jiujiang. First, there is a Jiujiang Buddhism Pilgrimage tour: Nengren Temple—Lushan Tefo Temple—Lushan Donglin Temple—Lushan Huanglong Temple—Zhenru Temple in Yunju Mountain. Second, there is a Jiujiang Historic and Cultural tour: Xunyang Tower—Pipa Pavilion—Yanshui Pavilion—Bailudong Academy—Taohuayuan—Tao Yuanming Memorial—Shizhong Mountain. Third, there are tours through which visitor can travel among different cities, such as Guangzhou—Nanchang—Jiujiang–Wuhan Tour, Nanchang—Jiujiang–Jingdezhen–Wuyuan–Anhui Tour, Chongqing—Three Gorges–Mount Lushan– [...]

Climate & When to Go

Jiujiang is a city whose summer is hot and winter is cold. Jiujiang becomes warm early in spring. The weather of spring, however, changes a lot. In other words, it always changes from warmth to coldness three times a week. The average temperature from January to March is about 15°C. There is a lot of rainfall during the earlier summer to June and July. During this period, it always rains, thus triggering flood and landslide. Then, Jiujiang moves to a [...]

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Jiujiang is a significant transportation hub since ancient times. Dependent on the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Jiulong Railway, it has well developed its land and water transportation routes. How to Get to Jiujiang By Air Jiujiang Lushan Airport (九江庐山机场), the only airport of Jiujiang, is located in Mahuiling Town, Chaisang District. It is 33 kilometers away from the center of Jiujiang City. Luckily, it is only 9.9 kilometers away from Mount Lushan. It offers flights to these cities, including [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Except traditional festivals, like the Spring festival, Jiujiang boasts some unique festivals. Some of these festivals are related to Jiujiang’s culture. Besides, some festivals had been developed due to its location and climate. It is these festivals that gather people together to enjoy themselves. Read more about Nanchang Festival. Shengxianniang Lantern Festival Time: From 24th of 12th lunar month to 15th of 1st lunar month It is held in Xiushui County to commemorate Wei Ying, the daughter of Qu Yuan [...]

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Travel Tips

In order to help visitors travel Jiujiang, there are some travel tips. Useful and Emergency Numbers Fire Alarm: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Check Telephone Number: 114 Traffic Accidents: 122 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Bus Service Inquiry: 0792-8553416 Tourism Complaint: :0792—8982279 Post offices Jiujiang Post Office (九江市邮政局) Address: No. 246, Changhong Avenue, Jiujiang City (长虹大道246号) Tel: 0792-5212676 Duchang Post Office (都昌县邮政局) Address: No. 151, Wangli Avenue, Duchang County (都昌县万里大道151号) Tel: 0792-5212676 Ruichang Post Office (瑞昌市邮政局) Address: No. 167, Xunyang West Road, Ruichang County (瑞昌市浔阳西路167号) Tel: 0792-5212676 De’an Post Office (德安县邮政局) Address: No. [...]

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Useful Maps

It is necessary for visitors to use maps when they visit a city. In this part, we have collected some useful Jiujiang maps, including Jiujiang transportation map, Jiujiang regional map, Jiujiang location map, Jiujiang tourist attractions map, map of scenic spots around Jiujiang travel map, etc. [...]

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Jiujiang Accommodation

As a famous tourist city, Jiujiang has developed its accommodation system in recent years, so there are a lot of hotels in Jiujiang that can accommodate a great number of tourists from all over the world every year. Different hotels in Jiujiang can meet tourists’ different needs, and all these hotels are well-equipped. Recommended Hotels in Jiujiang Luxury Hotels in Jiujiang Floral Hotel Lushan Yiduoyunshang Resort (花筑悦·庐山颐朵云尚度假酒店) Address: No. 72, Jiandaoxia Road, Lushan City (庐山市剪刀峡路72号) Tel: 0792-8282555 Howard Johnson Huaihai [...]

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