Mount Lushan

Mount Lushan, also known as Mount Kuang (匡山), is located in Lushan City, Jiangxi Province. It is famous for its imposing massif and fascinating scenery. Mount Lushan is a national geological park and it was listed in world cultural heritage in 1996. Mount Lushan is one of the most popular mountains of China, and it attracts millions of visitors every year from all over the world.


  • World Villa Architectural Art Museum: The villa of Mount Lushan is one of the most famous scenic spots in the world. There are 636 villas in Mount Lushan, with a total construction area of 174, 653 square meters. The architectural styles of these villas are various, including British style, German style, Swedish style, Japanese style, French style and son on.
  • Bailudong Academy: It is also known as Bailudong Shutang (白鹿洞书堂). It was one of the most famous and greatest educational institutions in ancient China. A lot of excellent scholars of China studied here in ancient times, including Zhu Xi (朱熹), Lu Jiuyuan (陆九渊), Peng Li (彭蠡) and so on.
  • Mount Lushan Waterfalls: It is composed of Three-step Waterfall, Kaixian Waterfall, Shimenjian Waterfall, Huanglongtan Waterfall, Xiufeng Waterfall, Wangjiapo Waterfall and Yuyuquan Waterfall. In ancient times, they attracted a lot of poets or writers, and some of them wrote poems to show their affection to Mount Lushan waterfalls. Nowadays, they attracted millions of visitors.

Other Destinations in Mount Lushan

    Mount Lushan Attractions

    Lushan Mountain National Park in Jiujiang is a famous summer resort with a long history. It boasts numerous scenic spots and historic sites, such as Kuling (牯岭), Flower Pathway (花径), Ruqin Lake (如琴湖), Three-step Waterfall (三叠泉), Five Old Men Peaks (五老峰), Brocade Valley (锦绣谷), Big Heavenly Pond (大天池), Mouth that holds Poyang Lake (含鄱口), Grotto of Taoist Immortal (仙人洞), Dragon Head Cliff (龙首崖), Meilu Villa (美庐别墅), Site of the Lushan Conference (庐山会议会址), Three Precious Trees (三宝树), Hanyang Peak (汉阳峰), Haihui [...]

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    Mount Lushan Tours

    There are a lot of different tours based on different themes. First of all, there is Mount Lushan Hiking Tour through which visitor can enjoy the pleasure of climbing. Second of all, there is a Mount Lushan Buddhism Pilgrimage Tour: Iron Buddha Temple (铁佛寺)-Donglin Temple (东林寺)-Huanglong Temple (黄龙寺)-Xilin Temple (西林寺). Third of all, there is Mount Lushan Historic and Cultural Tour: Kuling (牯岭)-Flower Pathway (花径)-Ruqin Lake (如琴湖)-Three-step Waterfall (三叠泉)-Five Old Men Peaks (五老峰). Besides, there are also some tours through [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    The climate of Mount Lushan has the characteristic of vertical change because of its altitude. The climate of Mount Lushan is totally different from that of Jiujiang City. The average temperature of Mount Lushan from January to March is about 5℃, which is lower than that of Jiujiang. And the average temperature of Mount Lushan from July to August is about 20℃, which is lower than that of most cities of Jiangxi. The climate in summer is so agreeable that [...]

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    As one of the World Heritage Sites, Mount Lushan attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Therefore, the transportation system of Mount Lushan is great. Visitors could arrive here by various ways. Besides, in order to help visitors get great travelling experience, Mount Lushan Scenic Area offers sightseeing buses. How to Get to Mount Lushan By Air Jiujiang Lushan Airport (九江庐山机场), the only airport of Jiujiang, is located in Mahuiling Town, Chaisang District. It offers flights to these many, [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Except some traditional festivals of China, Mount Lushan boasts some festivals of its own, including Maple Appreciation Festival and Mount Lushan Ice and Snow Festival. Besides, there are some special activities that visitors could attend in Mount Lushan. Festivals in Mount Lushan Maple Appreciation Festival Time: From October 27th to November 16th In order to attract more visitors to enjoy the scenery of Mount Lushan, Mount Lushan holds Maple Appreciation Festival in Flower Pathway that is surrounded by thousands of maple [...]

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    Travel Tips

    In order to help visitors get great travelling experience, we offer some travel tips that may be helpful. Useful and Emergency Numbers Fire Alarm: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Check Telephone Number: 114 Traffic Accidents: 122 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Mount Lushan Tourism Consulting: 0792-8296565 Scenic Spot Fire Proofing Office of Mount Lushan: 0792-8281065 Post Offices Lushan Post Office (庐山邮政局) Address: No. 4, Hemian Street, Mount Lushan Scenic Area (庐山风景区合面街4号) Tel: 0792-8207260 Yikou Post Office (隘口邮政局) Address: Yikou Street, Mount Lushan (庐山隘口街) Tel: 0792-2601002 Xiufeng Post Office (秀峰邮政局) Address: No. 15, [...]

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    Useful Maps

    In order to give our tourists more clear information about their location and where they are in or where they would go, we offer some Mount Lushan maps here. These maps of Mount Lushan could cover Mount Lushan location map, Mount Lushan region map, Mount Lushan in Jiujiang map, Mount Lushan in China Map, Mount Lushan climbing map, Mount Lushan tours map, Mount Lushan tourist attractions map, etc. [...]

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    Mount Lushan Accommodation

    As one of the most famous mountains of China, Mount Lushan has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world. Therefore, there are a great number of hotels and inns that can accommodate millions of visitors every year. All of these hotels and inns are so well-developed that they can meet different visitors' needs. Where to Stay in Mount Lushan Recommended Luxury Hotels: Villa Village Hotel (别墅村宾馆) Address: No. 19, Zhihong Road, Mount Lushan Scenic Area (庐山风景区脂红路19号) Tel: 0792-8284298 Jiujiang Huangting [...]

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