China National Tea Museum in Hangzhou

Why is China National Tea Museum So Special?

The National Tea Museum of Hangzhou is the epicenter of knowledge and appreciation for China’s favorite beverage. With a long history stretching through multiple centuries and cultures, tea is one of China’s greatest treasures. This museum captures its history and the culture surrounding it for enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Where is China National Tea Museum

Located in Shuangfeng Longjing Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, The China National Tea Museum is a national-rank museum with a occupying of 3.7 hectares and 8,000 square meters construction area. And the address in Chinese is 杭州市西湖西南面龙井路旁双峰村88号.

How to Get to China National Tea Museum

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Independent Travel

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Situated in Shuangfeng Village (双峰村) of Xihu District (西湖区), in West Lake Tourist Area, China National Tea Museum can be reached by many vehicles.

By Bus: Take bus No. 27, No. 87 or No. 27 Regular Bus (27路定时班) to stop at Shaungfeng Station (双峰站)

By Taxi: Taking a taxi to China National Tea Museum is very convenient and more time-saving.

From Hefang Street: 7 km, about 25 min

From Lingyin Temple: 3.5 km, about 8 min

Main Attractions in China National Tea Museum

Tea History Hall

In the Tea History Hall (茶史厅), you can see the origin, evolution, prosperity and spread of Chinese tea from thousands of years ago, knowing that China is the original place of tea trees. With the very primitive tea sets of each period, poems about tea, and other exhibits, the brilliant tea culture and history of tea spreading over the world are lively showed in front of you.

Tea Collection Hall

In the Tea Collection Hall (茶萃厅), more than 100 samples of famous Chinese tea are well exhibited, from the green tea, black tea, oolong tea, to yellow tea, white tea, dark tea, and reprocessed tea, from which you can see how big the family of tea is.

Tea Sets Hall

In the Tea Sets Hall (茶具厅), you can admire the diverse sorts of tea sets in different periods in China. Teapots, teacups, tea containers, teaspoons and so on that are made of gold, silver, copper, jade, ivory, etc. from the Neolithic period to the modern times are so delicate in different shapes, giving a chance to know about the change of their looks and functions.

Tea Custom Hall

Tea Custom Hall (茶俗厅) exhibits the customs and manners of tea tasting in Chinese provinces, like Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet, Fujiang, Guangdong, and shows the wonderful tea culture in China by imitating the lively scene of tea making and drinking.

Useful Travel Tips

Since China National Tea Museum is located on a mountain and not in a prosperous area, you can take a taxi to the museum but may find it difficult to return to the downtown for the very little taxies there, and bus may be a good choice for getting back.

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