Hangzhou Festivals and Events

With the exception of Chinese traditional festivals, every place has its own festival to show their special places, culture, or specialties, so does Hangzhou. You can experience diverse festivals and activities there in Hangzhou, which makes you feel closer to it. We have collected some special festivals to help you know more about Hangzhou festivals and activities.

Spring Tea Party

Add: Longjin Village
Time: April 8th – May 8th
Main Activities: Spring outing, tea picking, tea sauting, tea ceremony, farmer experiencing, etc.

West Lake Lotus Flower Festival

Add: Longguiyu
Time: June – August
Main Activities: lotus flower appreciation, lotus seed peeling, lotus meal making, folk opera listening, lotus flower lanterns putting, Miss lotus flower photography contest, Chinese lotus variety show, etc.

West Lake International Osmanthus festival

Time: September 10th – October 31st
Main Activities: Osmanthus flower appreciation, Osmanthus chestnut soup and candy tasting, etc.

West Lake Mid-autumn Festival Evening

Time: the lunar August 14th – 18 th
Add: Pinhuqiuyue, Huxin Pavilion, Tea house around the West Lake, Jishagang Culture Village.
Main Activities: Singing, dancing, acrobatics, folk music performance, dinner, night tour over the West Lake, etc.

Hangzhou West Lake International Expo

Time: Later October – early November
It’s the most concerned showcase of Hangzhou’s history, culture and scenery. During this period, there are various exhibitions, forums and performances, which cover all aspects of culture, art, fashion, science, technology, business, tourism and food. It’s a good chance for tourists to take part in the festival and have more fun.

Hangzhou Golden Autumn International Tourism Festival

Main Activities: The Mid-autumn moon appreciation, Qian Tang River tidal bore watching, osmanthus appreciation at Manlong, Wushan Temple Fair, firework party, etc.

Plum Blossom Festival, Chaoshan, Yuhang

Time: Mid-February – early March
Main Activities: Plum blossom appreciation, spring outing, plum blossom bonsai exhibition, plum blossom photography contest.