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Hangzhou Attractions includes a list of top things to do and must-see attractions in Hangzhou. All attractions are picked by our seasoned travel advisors and rated by our customers. Following is the list of Top Attractions in Hangzhou by TripAdvisor.

Tourism in Hangzhou develops well and has a promising future for there are splendid and special attractions that you can’t find in other places. You can visit both natural scenery spots like West Lake, Longjing Tea Plantation, Xixi National Wetland Park, Qiandaohu Lake and or so, and historical sites such as China National Silk Museum, Qinghefang Street, China National Tea Museum, Six Harmonies Pagoda(Liuhe Tower), Hu Xueyan’s former residence, ect. The following are some recommended attractions that you must pay a visit to if you have chances to be there for traveling.

Top Attractions in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is most famous for its natural scenery featuring southern China landscape. The top attractions such as West LakeXixi National Wetland Park and Qiandao Lake are among the must-visit places in Hangzhou.

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Ten Scenes of West Lake in Hangzhou

Traditionally, there are ten best-known scenic spots on the West Lake, each remembered by a four-character epithet. Collectively, they are known as the “Ten Scenes of West Lake” (10 Scenic Spots in West Lake 西湖十景). Please check each scene bellow, so that you will have better understanding about the seasonal scenery of the West Lake. 

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Children-Friendly Attractions in Hangzhou

With pleasant surroundings and lots of amusement parks, Hangzhou is among the places most suitable for China family tours. The following parks are for your reference if you travel to Hangzhou with your children.

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Temples in Hangzhou

Among the temples in Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple is the most famous one. Being one of the top ten most famous ancient Buddhist monasteries in China, it is also one of the largest and wealthiest Buddhist temples in China. Its magnificent structure is found tucked in a long, narrow valley between Fei Lai Peak and North Peak, both to the northwest of West LakeYuewang Temple and Yu Qian Memorial Temple are recommended if you are interested in Chinese history, while Hangzhou Confucian Temple is a good choice for Confucious culture tour in Hangzhou.

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Pagodas and Towers in Hangzhou

Liuhe Pagoda is one of the best existing ancient pagodas with brick and wood structure in China. It was initially built at that time to suppress the tide of Qiantang River. It is recommeded for the unique construction style. Needless to say, you can't miss the Leifeng Pagoda on the West Lake side, visit it in the late afternoon, you may have the chance the view the famous scene of "Sunset Glow over Leifeng Pagoda ". Another famous pagoda of the West Lake is Baochu Pagoda which mirrors the Leifeng Pagoda to the south of the lake from a distance. The Baochu Pagoda is often compared to a slim beauty, while the Leifeng Pagoda is an old monk. They are landmarks and famous tourist attractions of West Lake.

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Parks, Gardens, Zoos in Hangzhou

With green trees, various falower blossomings, clear water ponds and featured design of pavilions and stone sculptures, parks in Hangzhou are good site for family tour or city walking tour. Xixi National Wetland ParkHupao ParkHangzhou Safari Park and Prince Bay Park  are the most popular ones among the locals. Theme parks in Hangzhou like Hangzhou Children’s Park , Changqiao Polar Ocean Park , Hangzhou Wave Water Park and Song Dynasty Town Theme Park are the top recommendations for Hangzhou Family Tours.

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Museums in Hangzhou

Museums in Hangzhou are recommended for Hangzhou culture tours, you will have a better and overall understanding of the culture and history of Hangzhou, China. The highlights among them are Huqingyu MuseumChina National Silk MuseumChina National Silk Museum and Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

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Historical & Cultural Sites

The following sites in Hangzhou will fullfill your Hangzhou culture tour by providing full around historical and cultural information. Meijiawu Tea Plantation is a must-visit site if you want to experience more about Longjing Tea culture in Hangzhou.

Landmarks in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of the eight great ancient capitals in China. It has long been famous for its picturesque West Lake. closer to Hangzhou’s West Lake, Grand Canal, and its glamorous past and current fast development. It has landmarks featuring ancient Hangzhou style and contemporary Hangzhou.

Cruise Trips in Hangzhou

Other Attractions in Hangzhou

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