Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hu Qing Yu Tang) in Hangzhou

Why is Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine So Special?

Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine is professional museum that displays various traditional Chinese medicines. The museum is not only a Chinese medicine treasure house, but also with a unique style of Chinese ancient architecture. The museum is housed in the restored ancient structure-Hu Qing Yu Tang, meaning that it is also known as Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Where is Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The museum is located at the junction of Hefang Street and Dajing Lane, the northern foot of Wushan Hill of Hangzhou. And the address in Chinese is 杭州市上城区大井巷95号. The museum lies about 3 km from Hangzhou Railway Station

How to Get to Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By Metro:  Travelers can take metro line 1 to get off Anding Road Station and walk about 1.5 kilometers to Hu Qing Yu Tang;
By Bus: Take buses No.8, 25, 31, 34, 35, 40, 59, 60, 206, 208, 212, 216, 404 and more to get off at Wushan Stop and walk about 600 meters to Hu Qing Yu Tang.

Main Attractions in Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The museum is divided into five parts: the Exhibition Hall, the Medicine Preparation Hall, the Chinese Health Care Clinic, the Sales Department, and the Restaurant of Medicinal Diet.

The Medicine Preparation Hall

In the hall, the experienced old pharmacists provide the audience with wonderful performances of traditional pharmaceutical skills such as manual pan pill, Chinese medicine slice, etc. If visitors want to try it by themselves after watching it, they can use traditional manual operation tools to experience the ancient pharmaceutical technology and have fun. The museum also has traditional Chinese medicine health clinic. National, provincial and municipal TCM experts can provide health care consulting services for visitors.

The Sales Department

The Sales Department, or the business hall is a window for Hu Qing Yu Tang to open to the public, and also a place for visitors to choose and buy medicines provided by the Museum. Visitors can buy authentic Chinese herbal medicines from all over the country, all kinds of high-quality Chinese patent medicine products produced by the museum and famous, special and excellent products of major Chinese medicine factories in China. 

The Restaurant of Medicinal Diet

The Restaurant of Medicinal Diet, or herbal restaurant, is an organic part of the Museum. It provides the traditional Chinese medicine food, which scientifically combines Chinese food with traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, so that people can enjoy the food and prevention disease at the same time.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. The time for the performances is not fixed and the pharmaceutical workers will show their skill when travelers come into the workshop.
  2. In the pharmacy, Hu Qing Yu Tang offers every customer to enjoy seasonal healthy herb tea for free. You can get it with plastic cup they provided and enjoy it on the bench.

Nearby Attractions

Edited by Emily Wang/王海玲