Dragon Well (Longjing) Tea Plantation in Hangzhou

Why is Dragon Well Tea Plantation So Special?

Longjing tea Plantation is one of the ten sceneries of the West Lake. It has Longjing spring, which is one of the three famous springs in the West Lake. Longjing tea brewed by Longjing spring is unique. Every year around the Qingming Festival, there are always many tourists. Visit Longjing Tea plantations in Hangzhou to appreciate the charming verdant sightseeing and know more about the culture of tea.

Where is Dragon Well Tea Plantation

The Dragon Well Tea Plantation is in the Dragon Well Village (Longjing Village), which locates at the bottom of the mountains near the West Lake. And the tea plantation lies about 9 km from Hangzhou Railway Station.  

How to Get to Dragon Well Tea Plantation

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

To Longjing Village – 10 km from Hangzhou Downtown

To get to Longjing Village, you can take a bus for about 1 hour, and also, you can drive there for about a half hour.

Distance from the West Lake: 6 km; 18 min’s driving

Distance from the Lingyin Temple: 5 km; 13 min’s driving

Main Attractions in Dragon Well Tea Plantation

Longjing Village

Longjing Village is located in the southwest of West Lake scenic spot, surrounded by mountains. The village has a permanent population of more than 800 people, with nearly 800 mu of Alpine tea garden. It is said that when Emperor Qianlong went down to the south of the Yangtze River, he went to the Hu Gong temple at the foot of Shifeng mountain in Longjing Village to taste Longjing tea. After drinking, he was full of praise and named the eighteen tea trees in front of the temple as royal tea.

Meijiawu Village

Meijiawu Village (梅家坞村) is located on both sides of Meiling road in the western hinterland of West Lake scenic area, nearly 10 km away from Hangzhou city. It is one of the main production areas of Longjing tea. If you come to Meijiawu in March and April, you will see tea farmers busy in the fields. This is the time to collect and make new tea. If you are interested, you can also experience the process of collecting and making tea. If you come in April or may, you can taste the fresh Longjing Tea.

Longjing Mountainous Park

Longjing Mountainous Park (龙井山园) in the village is a wonderful place to have fun and drive the urban noises all away. In this nearly 130 acres wide garden, you can visit many specially designed attractions related to tea culture, drink Longjing Tea in the hundred-year old tea house, closely see the progress of roasting tea.

Best Time to Visit Longjing Tea Plantations

All seasons are best time to visit Longjing Tea plantations. Different seasons offers different scenery. March and April are the best months to see the tea-picking of the local tea growers and you can join them. To taste the fresh Longjing Tea, you can visit there during April and May, especially during the couples of days around the Qingming Festival in China. And in winter, you can enjoy the elegant scenery of pure white snow spreading on the tea trees.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for there are mountainous paths in the plantation villages.
  2.  You can drive for about 10 min to visit Lingyin Temple to feel the experience Buddhist culture.

Nearby Attractions

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