Former Residence of Luxun in Shaoxing

Former Residence of Luxun 

Former Residence of Luxun where Lu Xun was born and grew up. Here, visitors can learn about his early life and trace the scenes he wrote about by visiting his ancestral house, former residence, pleasure ground in Baicao Garden, and his school Sanwei Study Room, etc.


Lu Xun is his pen name. His original name is Zhou Shuren. He is known as the writer who held the most important position in East Asia during the 20th century, and praised as the national spirit of modern China, Lu Xun was a litterateur and a great thinker in modern China. He possessed expertise in many fields, for example, writing, translation, the fine arts, and the study of ancient books. 

Main Attractions of Former Residence of Luxun 

There are a number of noteworthy sites within the Former Residence of Lu Xun that are of particular interest. Including the Sanwei Study, Baicao Garden, the Tai Gate of the Zhou Family, Tugu Temple, Changqing Temple, Tazi Bridge, and the Xianheng Wine Shop.

How to get to Former Residence of Luxun

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Independent Traveler

Subway: take the subway line 2,  to Fuchengmen station, get off at exit B.

Bus: take bus No. 823, 13, 42, 101, 102, 103 , 603, no.387, 21 , 50, and get off at Fuchengmen.


Admission Fee: Visitors need to show their passport to the staff at the entrance to get free tickets. One passport can get up to two tickets.The time to get tickets is 8:30-16:50.

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