Shaoxing Festivals and Events

Festivals in the Shaoxing demonstrate the local characteristics there markedly, which offers tourists good opportunities to be closer with the people and culture there.

  • Kite Festival in Dayu Mausoleum
    Time: March 22 nd – April 15th
    Address: Guiji Mountain
  • Cherry Blossom Festival in Guiji Mountain
    Time: March 25th – April 15th
    Address: Cherry blossom forest in Guiji Mountain
  • Lanting International Calligraphy Festival
    Time: From Chinese lunar calendar March to April
    Address: Lanting
  • Shaoxing Rice Wine Festival
    Time: October
  • Memorial Ceremony of Dayu
    Time: Tomb Sweeping Festival
    Address: Guiji Mountain
  • Guiji Food Carnival
    Time: Spring Festival
    Address: Dayu Mausoleum Scenic Spot in Guiji
  • Houshan Peach Blossom Festival
    Time: March to April
    Address: Houshan
  • Xianglin Sweet-scented Osmanthus Festival in Keyan
    Time: Autumn
    Address: Xianglin