Shaoxing Climate

In the spring, winter monsoon and summer alternate frequently, with increasing solar radiation and rising temperature. Meanwhile, the activities of cold and warm air is active, coming with constant spring rain and changeable wind, which contributes to various change of weather including cold weather in later spring and high wind and hail.

Plum rainy season usually starts in the early June and forms in the early July, appearing with relatively concentrated rainfall and often performing as heavy rains which could lead to floods. During this period, temperature and humidity are all increase.

After the rainy season, there comes the midsummer with high temperature. At that time, under the control of Northwest Pacific Subtropical Pressure, there are sunny days, high temperature, strong sunshine and great evaporation, which might cause drought.

In the autumn, owing to the cold air from the north, temperature begins to fall and sometimes it’s rainy which could flow away the hot weather and bring cool feelings. At times, October could be influenced by typhoon so that fall is the second rainy season.

In the winter, climate there is controlled by winter monsoon, usually turning up with north wind, cold and dry days. But the weather this time is stable. Winter often sees the most stable weather, the lowest temperature and the least precipitation.

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