Shaoxing Dining

Shaoxing dish, carrying with the characteristics of the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, takes fish, prawn, and poultry like duck and chicken as its main ingredients. It focuses on beautiful fragrance, crispy mouthfeel, authentic and juicy soup and light oil. They would add some Shaoxing rice wine when eat, which leads to endless aftertastes. Sauce is used in Shaoxing dish making, especially Shaoxing rice wine, so that dishes there come with strong fragrance. Steaming and stewing are the mainly cooking ways there. Here are some recommended Shaoxing dishes that you could try if you plan your traveling there.

What to Eat

  • Stewed Pork With Preserved Vegetable(霉干菜焖肉):It is the most known dish in Shaoxing, with fresh and tender taste, oily but not greasy.
  • Cold Chicken Cooked in Wine(糟鸡):It is a traditional dish that is popular in winter in Zhejiang province with more than one thousand years of history. Tenderness, freshness, fragrance are its marked features.
  • Shrimp Rice Wine(糟溜虾仁):It is a traditional local dish of Shaoxing, which makes the use of the adventure of wine to create a better dish. It has been taken into the Chinese Famous Recipe.
  • Cooked Yue Chicken in Clear Soup(清汤越鸡):Shaoxing was ever the capital of the Yue State in the Spring and Autumn Period, so that there is Yue Chicken. The main features of this dish are its thin skin, tender meat, crispy bone and fresh soup.
  • Cooked Herring in Wine(糟青鱼干):It is a traditional dish in Zhejiang province. Herring is provided in the summer and it can be conserved until winter. It is identified as one of the famous dishes in Hangzhou in 1956.
  • Wine Preserved Crab(醉蟹):The dishes make the best of wine to deal with the fishy smell of crab to let crab much fresher and delicious.
  • Wine Preserved Prawn(醉河虾):It is a traditional dish in Shaoxing. The dish uses Shaoxing Rice Wine to de-fishy so that prawns taste much delicious.
  • Shaoxing Sticky Tofu(绍兴臭豆腐): Sticky Tofu in Shaoxing has its own characteristics that differ from those in other places.

Where to Eat

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of places for eating anywhere no matter where you choose to go. You could choose the ones you like when you are in new places. Here we would give you some restaurants that you are able to eat dishes with authentic taste. And you can taste most authentic Shaoxing dishes there, such as Xunbaoji zhungyuanlou Restaurant, Xianhengjiudian Restaurant, Sticky Tofu Shop in Zhiejie, Cangqiao, Laoshaoxing Tangchi Restaurant, etc.

There are several concentrated food areas that more kinds of foods are available for you.

  • The first area is Xianhengxintiandi which lies in the intersection of Jiefang Road and Luxun Road. Lots of restaurants are available there.
  • Secondly, you can go to Laodong Road, the eating area there begins from Zhou Enlai ancestral housing to the crossing of Xinjian Road. You could find barbecue and hotpot shops there.
  • The third place you can choose is Jishan Road, where you can find Sichuan cuisine and northeastern Chinese cuisine.
  • Then, if you like Korean food you can go to Fushan West Road.

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