Shaoxing Culture

Shaoxing is a city with profound culture and it is also a place nurturing a lot of famous people who contributed a lot to Shaoxing culture.

Black-awning boat, black felt hat, village theatrical performance, Shao Opera, Yue Opera, the hometown of water, bridge, wine and calligraphy, etc. these are all cultural elements of Shaoxing.

Yue Opera

Yue Opera stems from Shaoxing. It does well in expressing emotions, and gives priority to sing. The sound of Yue Opera is quite exquisite and pleasant to listen to, and its performances are authentic and moving, indicating the characteristics of the south local region of Yangtze River clearly.

Village Theatrical Performance

Village theatrical performance is a popular traditional folk custom entertainment in Shaoxing. It was an opera that performs for offering sacrifices to the Kitchen God in Shaoxing during the Spring and Autumn period. Its purpose at that time was to show people’s appreciation, as well as praying for good.


Shaoxing dialect is Wu dialect, which belongs to the Wu dialect in the Taihu Lake area. It is a significant part of Shaoxing culture.