Hangzhou Transportation

How to Get & Leave There


About 30 miles away from the city center, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is located in the east of Hangzhou. As an important airport both in Hangzhou and China, the airport is the largest aviation port and one of the China’s top 10 international airports. It cooperates with Hong Kong International Airport since 2006.

    • Airport Shuttle Bus

There are several routes for airport shuttle bus to get many places in Hangzhou and other tourist attentions near Hangzhou like Jiaxing, Wuzhen, Suzhou, Shaoxing, etc. It takes about 1.5 hours to the downtown of Hangzhou by airport shuttle bus. The prices are RMB20 each to get to the places within Hangzhou. If you want to the West Lake directly, you can take the routes that can stop at Wulinmen or hengzhan station. You can take the bus to Chengzhan and Hangzhou east railway station if you want to take train or high-speed train.

    • Taxi

Taxi is the most convenient transport ways if you are in a hurry or don’t want to wait for the bus some time. Also, it can get you anywhere you’d like to. It’s easy for you to find taxis in the airport. Passengers from domestic can leave at the Gate 10 and Gate 12 to the taxi passenger center, and international arrivals can leave at the Gate 4 to get taxis.

    • Airport duty-free stores

Just like other airport, you can buy some duty-free commodities at the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport with fairly reasonable prices.


Hangzhou railway is quite developed so that you can take train or high-speed train to any other city in China. There are 4 railway stations in Hangzhou: Hangzhoudong Railway Station, Hangzhou Railway Station, South Hangzhou Railway Station and Yuhang High-speed Railway Station. Here are some information about these stations that you may want to know.

  • Hangzhoudong Railway Station
    Add: No.1, Tiancheng Road, Jianggan District.Hangzhoudong Railway Station is the most complete transport hub in Hangzhou for now. It is also one of the largest railway transport hub station in China and even in Asia. It is a integrated station because high-speed train, ordinary train, special railway, subway, bus, coach, taxi, airport shuttle bus are all available there. It’s the middle station of the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed train part which must be passed for Shanghai and Ningbo to enter Hangzhou city. It’s quite large so that you really need to plan your arriving time in advance. It’s so developed so that you are able to take high-speed train or ordinary train to any other city in China.
  • Hangzhou Railway Station
    Add: No.1,East Ring Road, Shangcheng District.It is also known as “Chengzhan Station” by local people. As one of the main passenger stations of Hangzhou railway hub, it’s a large integrated transport hub that brings urban rapid transit system, rail transit, and various kinds of vehicles together. You can go to many places there by train or high-speed train.
  • South Hangzhou Railway Station
    Add: No.1, Zhanqian Road, Xiaoshan District.Because it’s still under construction being planned to be a special grade railway station so that the opening time is still unknown. But it’s construction won’t influence your choice of transportation ways to leave or arrive at Hangzhou for there are many other well-built railway stations in Hangzhou.
  • Yuhang High-speed Railway Station
    Add: No.28,Longwangtang Road, Yuhang District.The design of this railway station makes the best of Liangzhu culture to build a “Jade Song City”. It forms a synthesis that combines high-speed train, subway, and property. Also, it integrates business, working, residence, tourism and other functions in one.


Hangzhou is a city with perfect transportation system. The highway there is built well. Three are 6 automobile passenger transport center: Hangzhou Automobile Passenger Transport Center (or Jiubao Passenger Transport Center), Hangzhou Automobile West Station, Hangzhou Automobile North Station, Hangzhou Automobile South Station, Linping Automobile North Station, Xiao Shan Coach Station. You can take coach there to those cities near Hangzhou or those places in other provinces. In addition, taking bus there is quite convenient. Here is some information about these stations that may be helpful for you.

  • Hangzhou Automobile Passenger Transport Center
    Another name: Jiubao Passenger Transport Center
    Add: No.3339, Deshen Road, Jinbao Town, Jianggan District.
    Opening hours: 6:00—20:30(the first floor ); 6:00—19:30(the second floor)
    Bus: No.691,100,101,104,111,122,170,387.
    Passing subway: Line 1
  • Hangzhou Automobile West Station
    Add: No.357,Tianmushan Road, West Lake District.
    Bus: No.49,,K49,502,K502,K91,70,K70,830,102,K179,K193,K213,K310,K49,K502,506,etc.(21 routes in all)
  • Hangzhou Automobile South Station
    Add: No.407,Qiutao Road, Shangcheng District.
    Opening hours: 6:30—16:30
    Passing bus: No.14,1604,176,322,327,361,39,44,515,516,196,39.
  • Linping Automobile North Station
    Add: No.766,Moganshan Road, Gongshu District.
    Opening hours: 08:00—18:00
    Bus: No.15,K15,69,90,516,813,845
    Passing bus: No.91,67,K67,76,192,313,333,K333,K348,513.
  • Xiao Shan Coach Station
    Add: No.838,Xiaoshan Road, Xiaoshan District.
    Opening hours: 6:30—17:30
    Passing bus: No.123,181,231,239,406,423,515,660,700,701,702,703,704.


You can see both double deck buses and single deck buses with air conditioning in Hangzhou. The price is 1 or 2 RMB. What you need to remember when you plan to take the bus is to carry some charges with you because all buses here are all self-service.

Electric motor car

There are electric motor car in the West Lake district so that you can travel around the West Lake by electric motor car. Electric motor car there are able to meet different groups’ need because they have 4, 8, 11, or 14 seats. Their driving speed is about 10 kilometers per hour.

There are 3 routes for electric motor tours.

  • 1st: Traveling the West Lake for one-way clockwise around the lake, 30 RMB for each person. The convenience for this route is that you can get on or get off in any one of the stops, and you have 4 times for being on and off the cars, which is quite suitable for tourists who want to stop for a while in some places they like.
  • 2nd: Two-way round trip, 10 RMB each, and two times for being on and off the car in all.
  • 3rd: Chartering tour, it’s 10 RMB each for per half an hour.


Taxi is very convenient now in every Chinese city. The price of Hangzhou taxi starts at 11 RMB (3 miles) and costs 2.5 RMB per kilometer. The waiting fee is 2.5 each 4 minutes. Each kilometer will be 3.75 RMB if the distance is beyond 10 miles.

Charted Car

There are a lot of platforms offering charting services. You just need to pay the fees and tell drivers the meeting time then they would pick you up at the right time, which could save a great deal of time for you if you are new in strange places.

Sharing bikes

Taking bikes for traveling is a wonderful choice because it is good for environment and for tourists for they can stop at any time in any places. You are the boss to decide which moment you want to stop for a while and see something unexpected. Sharing bikes are quite easy to find in Hangzhou. You can take sharing bikes at any subway exit and in the scenery spots like West Lake.