Hangzhou Transportation – By Long-distance Bus

Hangzhou Transportation – By Long-distance Bus mainly introduces how to get to/from Hangzhou by long-distance bus and briefly introduces the bus stations in Hangzhou and Hangzhou long-distance bus schedule. Hangzhou is a city with perfect transportation system, with well built highway networks. Hangzhou has four major long-distance bus stations, namely, Hangzhou Central Bus Station (杭州汽车客运中心站), Hangzhou West Bus Station(杭州汽车西站), Hangzhou South Bus Station (杭州汽车南站) and Hangzhou North Bus Station (杭州汽车北站). Among them, Hangzhou Central Bus Station is the most important long-distance passenger transport center in Hangzhou.

Major Long-distance Bus Stations in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Central Bus Station

Brief Intro:It is the largest bus station in Hangzhou, which operates buses to Suzhou, Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Qiandao Lake, Zhujiajian Island and other places. Metro Line 1 has a stop here.
Add: No.3339, Deshen Road, Jinbao Town, Jianggan District. (江干区九堡镇德胜东路3339号)
Tel: 0571-87650679
How to Get There: Metro Line 1; Bus: No.691,100,101,104,111,122,170,387.

Hangzhou West Bus Station

Brief Intro: There are more than 340 daily buses to places of Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei and other places in China.
Add:  No. 357, Tianmushan Road, Xihu District (西湖区天目山路357号)
Tel: 0571-85222237
How to Get There: Bus: No.49,,K49,502,K502,K91,70,K70,830,102,K179,K193,K213,K310,K49,K502,506,etc.(21 routes in all)

Hangzhou South Bus Station

Brief Intro:It mainly undertakes the long, medium and short-distance passenger transportation tasks to the south of Hangzhou.
Add: No. 407, Qiutao REoad, Shangcheng District (上城区秋涛路407 号)
Tel: 0571-86075352
How to Get There: Bus: No.14,1604,176,322,327,361,39,44,515,516,196,39.

Hangzhou North Bus Station

Brief Intro: There are more than 700 daily buse departures, mainly to Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, Henan, Shandong, Hubei and other places.
Add: No.766,Moganshan Road, Gongshu District. (拱墅区莫干山路766号)
Tel: 0571-88097761
How to Get There: Bus:  No.15,K15,69,90,516,813,845

Hangzhou Long-distance Bus Schedules

Hangzhou Central Bus Station

From Hangzhou Central to Service Time/Departure Frequency Ticket Price (CNY) Travel Time
Wuzhen 7:00-18:20 Every 25-60 mins 30 1h
Xitang 6:55-18:15 Every 20-50mins 38 1.5h
Ningbo South 7:24-18:25 Every 40 mins 62 1.5h
Jiaxing North 7:20-18:40 Every 10-50 mins 34-36 1.3hrs
Haining 6:50-18:35 Every 20-30mins 25 1hr
Shanghai South 7:10-17:50 Hourly 68 2hrs

Hangzhou West Bus Station

From Hangzhou West to Service Time/Departure Frequency Ticket Price (CNY) Travel Time
Huangshan Tunxi 13:30, 15:20 2 daily 97-100 4hrs
Jiangshan 7:50 1 daily 97-100 4hrs
Qiandao Hu (Qiandao Lake) 6:30-18:50 Half-Hourly 60 3.5hrs
Xinanjiang 6:50-18:30 Every 10-40mins 56 3hrs

Hangzhou South Bus Station

From Hangzhou Central to Service Time/Departure Frequency Ticket Price (CNY) Travel Time
Shaoxing 6:50-18:45 Every 20mins 25 1h
Jinhua 8:30-18:00 Hourly 75 2hrs
Yiwu 7:20-18:40 Every25-30mins 54-60 2hrs
Tonglu 6:35-17:50 Every 30-40mins 37-43 1.2hrs

Hangzhou North Bus Station

From Hangzhou North to Service Time/Departure Frequency Ticket Price (CNY) Travel Time
Huzhou 6:30-18:30 Every 10-20mins 34 1h
Jiaxing 6:30-18:30 Hourly 34-37 1h
Anji 6:20-18:30 Every 15-20mins 30 1h

Note: The schedule, tiket fares & durations below are for reference & subject to changes. If you want to know schedules of other destinations, please contact us.

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  Edited by Brittany Tian/田春燕