Hangzhou Dining

Hangzhou dishes have a long history and they are important parts of Zhejiang cuisine culture. Hangzhou cuisine is one of the three Zhejiang cuisines together with Ningbo cuisine and Shaoxing cuisine. Hangzhou is located in Jiangnan water town, whose climate is mild and wet so that its dishes prefer to fids and shrimp. People there pay attention to authentic taste of food itself and the mixture of northern and southern Chinese cuisine’s taste.

Hangzhou Dishes

As a place prosperous in its fertile lands and outstanding talents, there are special and historical stories behind the names of Hangzhou dishes so that you are able to find it interesting to see those names at the first time, such as Dongpo Pork, Fried Shelled Shrimps with Dragon Well Tea, West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce, etc. Because of its fresh ingredients, brightness of color and varieties, Hangzhou cuisine is deeply appreciated by guests from home and abroad, which was proved during the period of G20 Summit.

Recommended Hangzhou Dishes

  • Dongpo Pork(东坡肉):Stewed pork with brown sauce.
  • Beggar’s Chicken(叫化童子鸡): Tender chicken pickled with many kinds of seasoning and cooked in the special stove.
  • Fish Head and Bean Curb Soup(鱼头豆腐): Cooked with chub, bamboo shoots, mushroom and Tofu.
  • West Lake Water Shield Soup(西湖莼菜汤): a soup that is cooked with shield brasenia schreberi, chicken breast meat and ham.
  • West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce(西湖醋鱼):Grass carp cooked with sauce and vinegar.
  • Wang Taishou Babao Toufu(王太守八宝豆腐): Stir-fried tender tofu, mushroom, pine nut, melon seed, chicken and ham crumbs in the thick chicken juice.
  • Zhan Yuyuan(斩鱼圆): This dish has a literary quotation about First Emperor of Qin. Its main ingredients are grass carp, ham and snake butter.
  • Sister Song’s Fish Broth(宋嫂鱼羹): Stewed mandarin fish and weever cooked with sliced, ham, mushroom, bamboo shoots, chicken shoots and other seasonings.
  • South Song Crab Stuffed Orang(南宋蟹酿橙): High-quality crab from Chenghu Lake, water chestnut, egg liquid, cooking vine and ginger steamed in the hollow oranges.
  • Braised Bamboo Shoots in Wine Sauce(糟烩鞭笋): Stir-fried and braised bamboo shoots.
  • Fried Shelled Shrimps with Dragon Well Tea(龙井虾仁): Stir-fried peeled prawns with Longjing Tea, eggs, starch and cooking vine.
  • Home-made Salted Pork with Spring Bamboo Shoots(南肉春笋): Cooked streaky pork with bamboo shoots and Chinese cabbage.
  • Stir-Fried Bean Curd Rolls Stuffed with Minced Tenderloin(干炸响铃): Stir-fried pork with Tofu skin.
  • Pian Er Chuan(片儿川): Noodles cooked with preserved vegetables, sliced pork and bamboo shoots.

Recommended restaurans: Feile restauran, Jin Sha Ting, Four Seasons Hotel (near the West Lake), Jiangnan Yuge(He Fang Street), Xin Bailu restauran, Ziwei Haii, Xihu Guobin Hotel, Guiyushanfang high-class restauran, Hangzhou Er Feng restauran, Jiexinglou restauran, Louwailou restauran, Zhiweiguan restauran, Tianxing restauran, etc.

Recommended Hangzhou Snacks & Desserts

  • Que Chao Niao Wo(雀巢鸟窝): a fried snack that is made of flour, salted egg yolk, quail eggs.
  • Southern Song Victory Cake(南宋定胜糕): It has a long history that traces back to South Dynasty. Outer Southern Song Victory Cake is refined rice and glutinous rice powder. Inside, it's red bean paste and mixed with a small amount of sugar and sweet-scented osmanthus.
  • Cat-ear Shaped Pasta(猫耳朵): It is cooked with many kinds of ingredients including flour, shrimp, ham, chicken breast meat, mushroom, dried shellfish, bamboo shoots, green leaves of vegetables, Shaoxing vine, spring onion, ginger, chicken soup and chicken oil.
  • Shallot Stuffed Pancake(葱爆桧儿): It’s a traditional snack in Hangzhou. The name is given in Hangzhou dialect way. It is a toasted snack that is made by fried bread stick spring onion and sweet sauce.
  • Wushan Hill Crispy Cake(吴山酥油饼): White flour cooked in pan, and add some refined sugar when you eat. It is crisp, layered, golden color, brittle but not broken, oil but not greasy.
  • Hangzhou Small Steamed Stuffed Bun(杭州小笼包): Hangzhou small steamed bun is famous in China. Even in other province, you can buy them, but the taste may be a little different. The main characteristics of small stuffing bun in Hangzhou is thin flour skin and juicy stuffing. It is a traditional snack for breakfast.

Recommended places for snacks: Hefang Street, Wushan Night Market, Hedong Road Food Street, Zhongshannan Food Street, Baijingfang Food Street, Jinjiang Seafood Stall,Shenglihe Food Night Market, Wushan Toasted Meat Shop, Xinfeng Snack Shop.

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