Nanchang Overview

Chinese Name: 南昌 English IPA: / 'næntʃɑːŋ/ Location: The center of Jiangxi Population (city): 5,463,500 Language: Mandarin Zip code: 330000 Tel code: 0791 Time zone: UTC+8

Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province, is abundant in tourism resources. It is blessed with natural scenery because of its location, climate and geography. More significantly, with a history of over 2,000 years, Nanchang is one of the most famous historical cities with numerous cultural relics. Finally, there were many historic events happening in Nanchang, thus making it became a red base area of China.


  • A State-level Historical and Cultural City: Nanchang, with a history of more than 2,000 years, is a place where many cultures developed and flourished. And then there are many scenic spots and historical sites.
  • Red Base Areas of China: It is in Nanchang that the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ red army hoist the first army flag of New China. Then many revolutionary events happing in Nanchang like Nanchang Uprisings (南昌起义), so there are a lot of red tourist attractions.
  • Picturesque Jiangnan Scenery: There are a lot of ponds, lakes and rivers in Nanchang, and it is abundant in fertile soil, thus leading to picturesque scenery.

Other Destinations in Nanchang

Nanchang Attractions

Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province, is abundant in tourism resources. It is blessed with natural scenery because of its location, climate and geography. It possesses Poyang Lake (鄱阳湖), Qingshan Lake (青山湖), Tianxiang Park (天香园), Xianghu Park (象湖公园), Nanji Mountain (南矶山) etc. More significantly, with a history of over 2, 200 years, Nanchang is one of the most famous historical cities with numerous cultural relics, including Pavilion of Prince Teng (滕王阁), Youmin Temple (佑民寺), Cuiyan Temple (翠岩寺), Shengjin Tower [...]

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Nanchang Tours

Nanchang boasts both natural landscapes and cultural relics. There are some popular destinations in Nanchang visited by thousands of travelers every year. Various tour themes can be chosen by visitors, such as Nanchang tour, red historical scenic spots tour, Nanchang impression tour, etc. Besides, there are some other cities around Nanchang City that visitors can visit, so there are some special tours, such as Mount Lushan-Jingdezhen- Wuyuan-Pavilion of Prince Teng Tour, Nanchang- Mount Lushan-Sanqing [...]

Climate & When to Go

Nanchang is a typical city where summer is hot and winter is cool. Spring begins profuse rain and the sky is always gloomy. However, the average temperature from January to March is about 15°C. Summer is very long, hot and humid. Besides, the temperature of summer is always higher than that of other cities. In July, average daytime high temperatures approach 34 °C (93 °F), while average nighttime low temperatures reach 26 °C (79 °F). Autumn is warm, and its [...]

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In order to help visitors get to Nanchang, this part introduces more detalied infor mation about Nanchang transportation. Besides, there are some ways through which visitors can get around in Nanchang. How to Get to Nanchang By Air Nanchang Changbei International Airport (南昌昌北国际机场), the largest airport in Jiangxi, is located in Lehua Town, which is 26 kilometers far from the city center. It was built with the support of the government. It offers more than 116 airlines to most of domestic cities [...]

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Festivals and Activities

All of these festivals are origniated from Nanchang, and they are related to Nanchang’s culture. Crab Fest Time: October Crab Fest is held in Jinxian County which is close to Poyang Lake. During crab fest, visitors from all over the world can taste delicious crabs. Also, there are bonfire parties for people to enjoy themselves. In addition, many businessmen around the country come here to purchase crabs. They are also happy to visit breeding base of crabs. Chinese Red Song Gala Time: May [...]

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Travel Tips

Visa-free Transit Starting from December 28th, 2018, foreigners from over 24 countries/regions including America, Australia, Canada, France, etc. are allowed 72 hours’ stay without a visa if transiting through Nanchang Changbei International Airport providing them valid international travel document and confirmed interline ticket to a third country or region. Useful and Emergency Numbers Fire Alarm: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Check Telephone Number: 114 Traffic Accidents: 122 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Bus Service Inquiry: 0791-6243217 Airport Inquiry: 0791-8898720 Tourism Complaint: 0791-8609110 Post offices Nanchang Post Office: No. 70 Luoyang Road Honggutan District [...]

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Useful Maps

It is necessary for visitors to use maps when they visit a city. In this part, we have collected some useful Nanchang maps including Nanchang transportation map, Nanchang regional map, Nanchang location map, Nanchang tourist attractions map, map of scenic spots around Nanchang, Nanchang travel map, etc.  [...]

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Nanchang Accommodation

Due to its cultural and historical relics, Nanchang is becoming more and more famous. Hence, the number of tourists to Nanchang is increasing every year, which makes Nanchang City has a wide range of hotels that can receive a large number of tourists from domestic and abroad. Recommended Hotels in Nanchang Luxury Hotels in Nanchang Grand Skylight Hotel Kaimei (江西凯美格兰云天大酒店) Address: No. 1515, Nanjing East Road, Qingshanhu District, Nanchang Tel: 0791-88160888 Lanyue Hotel (澜悦大酒店) Address: No. 326, Qianjing [...]

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