Jiujiang Travel Tips

In order to help visitors travel Jiujiang, there are some travel tips.

Useful and Emergency Numbers

  • Fire Alarm: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Check Telephone Number: 114
  • Traffic Accidents: 122
  • Weather Report: 12121, 96121
  • Consumer Complaint: 12315
  • Bus Service Inquiry: 0792-8553416
  • Tourism Complaint: :0792—8982279

Post offices

  • Jiujiang Post Office (九江市邮政局) Address: No. 246, Changhong Avenue, Jiujiang City (长虹大道246号) Tel: 0792-5212676
  • Duchang Post Office (都昌县邮政局) Address: No. 151, Wangli Avenue, Duchang County (都昌县万里大道151号) Tel: 0792-5212676
  • Ruichang Post Office (瑞昌市邮政局) Address: No. 167, Xunyang West Road, Ruichang County (瑞昌市浔阳西路167号) Tel: 0792-5212676
  • De’an Post Office (德安县邮政局) Address: No. 169, Dongfeng, Puting Town, De’an County (德安县蒲亭镇东风路169号) Tel: 0792-4332119
  • Wuning Post Office (武宁县邮政局) Address: No. 154, Jiaotong Road, Wuning County (武宁县交通路154号) Tel: 0792-2781454


  • Construction Bank of China (中国建设银行) Location: No. 8, Nangxi East Road, Ruichang City (九江市瑞昌市瀼溪东路8号) Tel: 0792-4235806
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (中国工商银行) Location: No. 52, Xunyang East Road, Xuyang District (浔阳区浔阳东路52号) Tel: 0792-2770129
  • Agriculture Bank of China (中国农业银行) Location: No. 1095, Shili Avenue, Niangxi District, Jiujiang City (九江市濂溪区十里大道1095号) Tel: 0792-8251176
  • Bank of China (中国银行) Location: No. 14, Hexi Road, Lushan City (庐山市河西路14号) Tel: 0792-8281912
  • People's Bank of China (中国人民银行) Location: No. 100, Changhong Road, Xunyang District, Jiujiang City (九江市浔阳区长虹大道100号) Tel: 0792-8113334


  • No.1 People's Hospital of Jiujiang City (九江市第一人民医院) Address:No. 48, Talin South Road, Xunyang District (九江市浔阳区塔岭南路48号) Tel:0792-8582052
  • No. 3 People's Hospital of Jiujiang City (九江市第三人民医院) Address:No. 408, Shili Avenue, Xunyang District (九江市浔阳区十里大道408号) Tel:0792-8222188
  • No. 5 People's Hospital of Jiujiang City (九江市第五人民医院) Address:No. 6, Baishuihu Road, Xunyang District (九江市浔阳区白水湖路6号) Tel:0792-8582656
  • Medicine Hospital of Jiujiang City (九江市中医院) Address:No. 555, Dehua Road, Niangxi District (九江市濂溪区德化路555号) Tel:0792-8188817
  • Maternal and Child Care Service Centre of Jiujiang (九江市妇幼保健院) Address:No. 61, Gantang South Road, Xunyang District (九江市浔阳区甘棠南路61号) Tel:0792-8222051
  • The Hospital Affiliated to Jiujiang College (九江学院附属医院) Address:No. 57, Xunyang East Road, Xunyang District (九江市浔阳区浔阳东路57号) Tel:0792-2180180

Best Time to Visit Jiujiang

In order to get more great experience of travelling Jiujiang, visitors would better visit Jiujiang in spring and autumn. The reason for this is that there is moderate temperature and great climate in spring and autumn. With great climate, visitors could get around the city and enjoy their trips. In summer, it is too hot to go outsides because visitors would get sweaty soon once they get out of an air-conditioned room. More significantly, due to its low temperature, it is not agreeable to visit Jiujiang in winter. However, visitors can visit Jiujiang at any time if they would like to Mount Lushan only because it boasts picturesque and unique scenery every season.


The temperature of mountains in Jiujiang is low, so you’d better wear coats.
It is so humid in mountains that clothes are difficult to dry, so it’s better to bring more clothes.


Foods in Jiujiang are mostly spicy, so you should make a request before ordering if you can’t eat spicy food.