Jiujiang Shopping

Jiujiang is rich in products. It was one of the "four rice markets" and "three tea markets" in ancient China. There is Mount Lushan that is blessed with all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Besides, there is Poyang Lake that is famous for the "hometown of fish and rice”. The local products available for tourists to buy are rich and diverse, such as yunwu tea in Lushan, Xiushuining black tea, Jiujiang cellared wine and so on.

What to Buy in Jiujiang

Lushan Yunwu Tea (庐山云雾茶)

It is one of the most famous kinds of tea. At first, it was planted in the Han dynasty. Until now, it has a history of more than 1, 000 years. It is said that yunwu tea is regarded as tribute in the Song dynasty.

Lushan Tea Cake (庐山茶饼)

It is also called Jiujiang tea cake. It is originated from Dang dynasty, and it is one of the most famous four cakes in the South all the time. It tastes crisp and sweet. It is better to eat tea cakes with drinking tea.

Jiujiang Cellared Wine (九江陈年封缸酒)

Jiujiang cellared wine is a traditional kind of wine of Jiangxi. It can be dated back to the Song and Yuan dynasty, and it is called pei wine in ancient times. Due to its fresh taste, it is regarded as a great gift given to friends and relatives.

Xiushuining Black Tea (修水宁红茶)

Xiushuining black tea is one of the greatest black teas in China. It is only planted in Xiushui County, Jiujiang. It could be dated back to the Qing dynasty.

Wuning Chinese Gooseberry (武宁猕猴桃)

Wuning County is a place where people started to plant Chinese gooseberry in ancient times, and the production of Chinese gooseberry is high. Wuning Chinese gooseberry is popular with Chinese people because of its fresh flavor and rich nutrition.

Where to Buy in Jiujiang

Recommended places to buy local products:

  • Jiujiang Dazhonglu Pedestrian Street (九江大中路步行街) Address: No. 429, Dazhong Road, Xunyang District (九江市浔阳区大中路429) Tel: 18670952595
  • Guling Street (牯岭街) Address: The center of Guling Town Tel: 0792-8293333
  • Liansheng Shopping Mall (联盛购物广场) Address: No. 16, Chiwu Middle Road, Ruichang (九江市瑞昌市赤乌中路16号) Tel: 0792-7157315
  • Wal-Mart (沃尔玛购物广场) Address: No. 265, Lushan South Road, Lushan ( 庐山南路265号) Tel: 0792-8188222
  • Shanren Gift Store (山人手礼特产店) Address: No. 3, Guling Street, Lushan (庐山牯岭街3号) Tel: 0792-8281655

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