Jiujiang Transportation

Jiujiang is a significant transportation hub since ancient times. Dependent on the Yangtze River and the Beijing-Jiulong Railway, it has well developed its land and water transportation routes.

How to Get to Jiujiang

By Air

Jiujiang Lushan Airport (九江庐山机场), the only airport of Jiujiang, is located in Mahuiling Town, Chaisang District. It is 33 kilometers away from the center of Jiujiang City. Luckily, it is only 9.9 kilometers away from Mount Lushan. It offers flights to these cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen.

By Train

There are 10 railway stations totally in Jiujiang, and all of them provides local people with trains to other cities. There are 4 railway stations that could be widely used by visitors. Here is some detailed information.
1. Jiujiang Railway Station (九江火车站)
Address: No. 236, Changhong Avenue, Niangxi District (九江市濂溪区长虹大道236号)
Tel: 0792-8589812
As the junction of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Wuhan-Jiujiang Railway, and Hefei-Jiujiang Railway, Jiujiang Railway Station connects with most cities of other provinces. Trains starting from or passing by Jiujiang go to most of major cities in China.

2. Lushan Railway Station (庐山火车站)
Address: Sangzi Road, Jiujiang County, Jiujiang (九江市桑紫南路)
Tel: 0792-7044431
It is 20 kilometers away from Jiujiang Railway Station and 1333 kilometers away from Beijing West Station. It is very close to some scenic spots, like Yuemu Tomb (Tomb of Yuefei’s Mother), Tao Yuanming Memorial, etc.

3. De’an Railway Station (德安火车站)
Address: Dongfeng Avenue, Putting Town, De’an County (德安县蒲亭镇东风大道)
Tel: 0792-12306; 0792-7045962
De’an railway station, built in 1972, is 1369 kilometers away from Beijing West Station. It offers trains to cities of Jiangxi such as Wuyuan, Nanchang, Shangrao, etc. Besides, it provides trains to cities of other provinces, including Chengdu, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing.

4. Gongqingcheng Railway Station (共青城火车站)
Address: Jiuxian Avenue, De’an County (德安县九仙大道)
Tel: 0792-12306; 0792-7045062
It is a small railway station in De’an County. It provides trains to Hankou, Yichang, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Chongqing and Changzhou. Besides, it provides trains to cities of Jiangxi, such as Jingdezhen, Jiujiang, Nanchang, etc.

By Long-distance Bus

There are more than 6 coach stations in Jiujiang, including Jiujiang Coach Station, Jiujianggang Coach Station, Jiujiang South Coach Station, Jiujiang West Coach Station, Jiujiang Long-distance Coach Station and Jiangzhou Coach Station. Here is some detailed information about coach station of Jiujiang.
1. Jiujiang Coach Station (九江汽车站)
Address: No. 99, Xunnan Avenue, Xunyang District
Tel: 0792-8582369
It is a well-equipped and well-functional coach station in Jiujiang. It covers 1, 200 meters square. It can accommodate more than 4,000 passengers.

2. Jiujiang South Coach Station (九江汽车南站)
Address: No. 37, Shili Avenue, Xunyang District (九江市浔阳区十里大道37号)
Tel: 0792-8117380
It is almost in the center of Xunyang District. And it is very close to some scenic spots, including Gantang Lake, Nengren Temple and Tianhua Palace.

3. Jiujiang West Coach Station (九江客运西站)
Address: Shili Avenue, Jiujiang City (九江市十里大道)
Tel: 0792-8113649
This coach station is built in recent years, so it is well-equipped. It offers buses to counties of Jiujiang and cities of Jiangxi like Nanchang, Shangrao etc.

By Self-driving Car

The roads extend in all directions, which makes Jiujiang become one transportation hub of Jiangxi. There are some highways like Chang-Jiu Motorway, G70 Fu-Ying Motorway, G56 Hang-Rui Motorway, Jiu-Rui Motorway, Du-Jiu Motorway etc. In addition, there are 4 national highways passing by Jiujiang, including National roads No. 105 between Beijing and Zhuhai, No. 316 between Fuzhou and Qinghai, No. 351 between Sichuan and Zhejiang and No. 530 between Anhui and Jiangxi.

By Ship

There are Gan River, Fu River, Xin River, Xiushui River as well as Rao River in Jiujiang. Besides, Yangtze River is also flowing past Jiujiang. Therefore, water transportation is always developed. More significantly, there is Jiujiang Port which is the biggest port in Jiangxi.

How to Get Around Jiujiang

1. By Taxi

There are more than 10 taxi companies in Jiujiang, and they have more than 2, 000 taxis through which visitor can go to almost every scenic spot of Jiujiang. The starting price is about 7 yuan within 2 kilometers.

2. By Bicycle

There are a great number of shared bicycles provided by Alibaba. Visitors just need to download an app if they want to ride a bike. In addition, many stores in scenic spots also provide bicycles.

3. By Bus

The bus public transport of Jiujiang is mainly operated by Jiujiang Bus Company. It offers mora than 50 bus lines, including 1 line between two provinces and 5 lines between the urban area and rural area. All of bus lines can take visitors to most scenic spots. The ticket for ordinary buses is 1 yuan, and the price for air-conditioned buses is 2 yuan.

4. By Subway

There are 5 lines provide by Jiujiang metro, and all of them can carry visitors to places that they want to go.
Line 1: Lushan Avenue-Changhong Avenue-Changhong West Avenue-Caifu Avenue-Balihu Avenue-Jiangzhou Avenue-Lushan North Road
Line 2: Shili Avenue-Qianjing Avenue-Changhong Avenue-Changjiang Avenue-Jiurui Avenue-Longkaihe Avenue-Xunyang Road-Lulfeng East Road-Huaguoyuan North Road-Binjiang East Road
Line 3: Lushan North Road-Changcheng Road-Jiurui Avenue-Tongcheng Avenue-Chiwu Avenue-Renmin South Road
Line 4: Xinghceng Avenue-Jiuyuan Road-Niangxi Avenue-Muxi Road-Qianjing East Road-Qingnian Road-Dehua Road-Xunnan Avenue
Line 5: Tongjiang East Road-Tongjiang Avenue-Saichenghu Avenue-Huanhu Road- Huanhu South Road-Shuangrui Road-Guihua Road