Jiujiang Festivals and Events

Except traditional festivals, like the Spring festival, Jiujiang boasts some unique festivals. Some of these festivals are related to Jiujiang’s culture. Besides, some festivals had been developed due to its location and climate. It is these festivals that gather people together to enjoy themselves. Read more about Nanchang Festival.

Shengxianniang Lantern Festival

Time: From 24th of 12th lunar month to 15th of 1st lunar month
It is held in Xiushui County to commemorate Wei Ying, the daughter of Qu Yuan who is an excellent poet, for her kindness to the general public. On that day, people usually gather together and they always make Dragon boats and light lanterns to celebrate this festival. Besides, people also can shop and eat delicious snacks when they come to Xiushui County to celebrate this festival. 

Mahuiling Temple Fair

Time: From the 4th to 6th day of the 2nd lunar month
It is held in Jiujiang County. It starts with Qing dynasty, with a history more than 100 years. It is said that there is a Xianju Palace where people gathered for praying because all people a bumper harvest. Therefore, some smaller retailers started to sell goods, and gradually a temple fair emerged. Until today, people still celebrate this temple fair.

Jiujiang International Famous Tea and Spring Expo

Time: From May 29th to May 31st
This expo aims to spread the tea culture, boost the tea industry and promote the integration of tea and tourism. The expo holds the cultural forum of famous tea and spring, the black tea development summit and the investment negotiations.