Jiujiang Attractions

Jiujiang is located in the north of Jiangxi province in china. There is a historic mountain, Mount Lushan, which is a famous summer resort. Besides, Jiujiang is bounded in the north by Poyang Lake that is the biggest freshwater lake in china. More significantly, it collects water from Gan River, Fu River, Xin River, Xiushui River as well as Rao River and empties into Yangtze River. Jiujiang boasts numerous scenic spots and historic sites, such as Xunyang Tower (浔阳楼), Gantang Lake (甘棠湖), Lang Well (浪井), Nengren Temple (能仁寺), Suojiang Tower (锁江搂), Pipa Pavilion (琵琶亭), Tao Yuanming Memorial (陶渊明纪念馆), Yuemu Tomb (岳母墓), Shizhong Mountain (石钟山), Penglang Rock (澎浪矶), Taohongling National Nature Reserve of Sikas (桃红岭梅花鹿国家级自然保护区), Zhou Yu Dianjiang Terrace (周瑜点将台), Meilu Villa (美庐别墅), Lushan Museum (庐山博物馆), etc.