Zhangjiakou Day Tour from Beijing

Picked up from your hotel in Beijing and transferred to Beijing Railway Station. You are arranged to take the morning 3-hour train ( soft sleeper ) from Beijing to Zhangjiakou. Arriving at Zhangjiakou South Railway Station, you are met by our English speaking tour guide in Zhangjiakou. 220km north of Beijijng, Zhangjiakou was historically a vital north gate of Beijing with strategical importance. Once low profile and often neglected, Zhangjiakou is now in the limelight, which is mainly caused by two factors 1) Beijing Zhangjiakou Highspeed trains will be put into operation in 2017; 2) Beijing with Zhangjiakou bids for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

Frist visit Dajing Gate at the Great Wall. Zhangjiakou has a nickname of “Great Wall Museum”. Some experts say most of the Great Wall we see in Zhangjiakou is the Ming-era Great Wall connecting the Wall on the east with Beijing and Datong on the west. Along the Wall there used to be many fortresses, passes and horse markets. Dajing Gate is one of the four most important passes along the Great Wall of China, just north of Zhangjkiakou.

Then move on to Zhangjiakou Ancient Fortress, a former fortress in Ming Dynasty gave birth to Today’s Zhangjiakou. The Fortress was built under the supervision of Commander Zhangwen in 1429. The fort had a perimeter of over 2km, 11 metes high with two gates on the east and west. In 1460 an interior castle was built inside fort. It became a fortified garrison town where a large military forces stationed. Today the fortress is still perched in the city center of Zhangjakou, a showcase of Zhangjakou’s development.

After late Chinese lunch, you are transferred back to Zhangjiakou Railway Station and take the 3-hour train ( soft sleeper ) back to Beijing. Arriving at Beijing Railway Station, you are met and returned to your hotel in Beijing.