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Zhangjiakou 2022 Winter Olympics Shopping provides you the detailed information about Zhangjiakou local specialties, featured shopping areas, What and Where to Buy in Zhangjiakou, Zhangjiakou Local Products, Souvenirs, Shopping Districts, Streets and Malls. Zhangjiakou's local specialties mainly include Tricholomagambosum, tribute rice, Prunus armeniaca, milk grape, longan grape, Great Wall dry red, Chagoubao bacon, Huai 'an bean curd skin, Yuxian paper cut, etc. It is recommended that Tricholomagambosum and apricot products are featured products of Zhangjiakou and convenient to carry.

What to Buy in Zhangjiakou

Great Wall Dry White Wine

Great Wall Dry White Wine is made from Hebei Longan Grape as the main raw material and fermented with pure grape juice without adding any other materials. The wine produced in this way is light yellow and green in color, with incomparable fragrance, mellow and soft in taste. It is not only rich in nutrition, but also can increase appetite, and can identify pathogenic bacteria in intestines and stomach. It is praised as "typical oriental wine" by wine connoisseurs.

Gold Thread Jujube

Gold Thread Jujube in Huailai County is a special product of Zhangjiakou, Hebei province. It not only contains rich nutrients such as protein and fruit acid, but also is called "vitamin pill" in medicine, which has the effects of invigorating qi, promoting fluid production, enriching blood and caring skin. It also has good curative effect on constipation, corneal ulcer, heart disease, hypertension and other diseases. It tastes sweet, crisp, tender and delicious.

Yuxian County Paper Cut

Yuxian County Paper-cut is the most traditional folk handicraft in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. It has a long history and has now been included in the UN Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Yuxian paper-cut is not actually cut, but hand carved, with thin rice paper as the main raw material and finally stained with various colors. This is a beautiful work of art, with a high collection value.


As a specialty of Zhangjiakou, Tricholomagambosum is one of the wild mushrooms in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, which generally grows in places with sheep bones or sheep dung. It is rich in vitamin D, protein and various minerals. Tricholomagambosum is second only to Ganoderma lucidum in selenium supplement and is also the "king of anticancer" among trace elements. Tricholomagambosum can be cooked together with a variety of foods, delicious and fragrant, and are treasures on the table.

Jiming Mountain Posthouse Wine

Jiming Shanyi Wine is a famous wine with special features in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. It is mainly made of high-quality sorghum and wheat. It is naturally fermented by traditional techniques. It has pure fragrance, soft and mellow taste and endless aftertaste. Whether it is for self-drinking, entertaining guests or giving away relatives and friends, it is an excellent treasure.

Trollius Chinensis Tea

Trollius chinensis tea is one of the special tea products in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, with a long history. Trollius chinensis mainly grows in forests at an altitude of 1500-2200 meters, and contains rich alkaloids and flavonoids. It has faint fragrance when drunk and is called "Longjing tea beyond the Great Wall". It also has medicinal value such as relieve inflammation and cough, clear away heat and toxic materials, and has preventive and therapeutic effects on chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Where to Shop in Zhangjiakou

Shopping Centres/Malls in Zhangjiakou

  • Dida Shooping Mall(帝达购物广场)
    Add: No.30, Shengli North Road, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou张家口桥东区胜利北路30号
    Tel:  0313—5951821
  • Ginza Shooping Centre(银座)
    Add: Shengli North Road, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou City张家口市桥东区胜利北路
    Tel: 0313-8918405
  • Guohua Shopping Mall(国华商厦)
    Add: Near Renmin North Street, Zhuolu County, Zhangjiakou City张家口市涿鹿县人民北街附近
    Tel: 0744-6583389
  • Yuxian Taiyu Shopping Center(蔚县泰宇购物中心)
    Add: West Side of No.1 Complete Primary School, Qianjin Road, yu zhou Town蔚州镇前进路第一完全小学西侧
    Tel: /
  • Yimin Shopping Center(益民购物中心)
    Add: Yuxian County, Zhangjiakou张家口市蔚县
    Tel: 0313-7196087

Supermarkets/Monopoly in Zhangjiakou

  • Kedu Shopping Mall(客都购物广场)
    Add: No. 4, Financial Street, Zhuolu County, Zhangjiakou张家口市涿鹿县金融街4号
    Tel: /
  • Beiguo Specialty Supermarket(北国特产超市)
    Add: No.24, Yuxing Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区裕兴路24号
    Tel: 15612305818, 15031351857
  • Northern Hebei Special local Products Monopoly(冀北客土特产专卖)
    Add: Jinshijie pedestrian street, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City张家口市崇礼区金世界步行街
    Tel: 0313-5678998
  • Fulou Supermarket(同舟购物广场)
    Add: No.9, Changqing Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区长青路9号
    Tel: 0313-4611066
  • Jindu Supermarket(金都购物广场)
    Add: No. 21, Changqing Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区长青路21号
    Tel: /

Shops for Ski Equipment

  • Miaozi Ski Shop苗子雪具
    Add: No.16, Yuxing Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City张家口市崇礼区裕兴路16号雪绒花商务酒店底商
    Tel: 15612341314
  • Crazy-X Ski Shop(Crazy-X 极限疯雪具)
    Add: No. 2-10, southwest corner of Wanlong Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区万龙路口西东南角2-10号
    Tel: 13911264640
  • Brothers Ski Store(兄弟滑雪雪具店)
    Add: Yuxing Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City张家口市崇礼区裕兴路
    Tel: 18500860086
  • Phoenix Ski Shop(菲尼克斯雪具店)
    Add: China Food Street, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou张家口市崇礼区中国美食街
    Tel: 13623133390
  • Ski Equipment Hall of Wanlong Ski Resort(万龙滑雪场雪具大厅)
    Add: Honghualiang, Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City张家口市崇礼县红花梁
    Tel: /
  • Hongtao Ski Shop(洪涛雪具)
    Add: Near No.63, Yuxing Road, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou city张家口市崇礼区裕兴路63号附近
    Tel: 13717625598

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