Zhangjiakou Education

Zhangjiakou Education and Schools introduce Zhangjiakou Education tours and some information about the Kindergarten, primary schools, international schools, middle schools, colleges and universities in Zhangjiakou. It helps students and teachers to design students education tours with local schools in Zhangjiakou. As of 2018, Zhangjiakou has 1,309 schools of all levels and types, including 585 kindergartens, 508 primary schools, 118 junior high schools, 36 general high schools, 45 secondary vocational schools, 13 special education schools and 4 local colleges.

Basic Information of Education in 2018

Schools Internal Students Recruit Students Graduates Teaching Staff
All Kinds of Schools 698200 196419 183756 11700
Local Colleges and Universities 23300 / / 16000
Special Education School 11000 / / 300
Secondary Vocational School 43600 / / 3600
General High School 7800 / / 20700
Junior High School 138000 / /
Primary School 298100 / / 21300
Kindergarten 116100 / / 9300

Colleges and Universities in Zhangjiakou

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Hebei Institute Of Architecture And Civil Engineering 河北建筑工程学院 No. 13, Chaoyang West Street, Zhangjiakou张家口市朝阳西大街13号 0313-4187600
Hebei North University 河北北方学院 No.11, Zuanshi South Road, Gaoxin District, Zhangjiakou City张家口市高新区钻石南路11号  0313-5989445
Zhangjiakou University 张家口学院 Pingmen Street, Zhangjiakou City张家口市平门大街副19号 0313-8161203
Zhangjiakou Vocational and Technical College 张家口职业技术学院 No.59, Malu Dong, Gaoxin District, Zhangjiakou City张家口市高新区马路东59号 0313-4085962
Xuanhua Science & Technology Vocational College 宣化科技职业学院 No.1, Diyuan Lane, Huangchengqiao North Street, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City张家口市宣化区皇城桥北街地院巷1号 0313-3165332

Top Middle Schools in Zhangjiakou

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Zhangjiakou Xuanhua No.1 Middle School 张家口宣化区第一中学 No. 20, Tiantaisi Street, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou张家口市宣化区天泰寺街20号 0313-3041652
Zhangjiakou No.1 Middle School 张家口市第一中学 No.1 Middle School Street, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区中学街1号 0313--8052292
Zhuolu Middle School 涿鹿中学 No. 2, Wenhua street, Beihuan, Zhuolu County涿鹿县城北环文化街2号 0313-6530076
Yuxian No.3 Middle School 蔚县第三中学 No.75, Renmin Road, Yuzhou Town, Yuxian County, Zhangjiakou City张家口市蔚县蔚州镇人民路75号 0313-7216368
Kangbao No.1 Middle School 康保县第一中学 No. 23, Xijing Road North, Kangbao County, Zhangjiakou City张家口市康保县西经路北23号 0313-5512620
Shangyi No.1 Middle School 尚义县第一中学  Hedong street, Nanhaoqian Town, Shangyi County, Zhangjiakou City张家口市尚义县城南壕堑镇河东街 0313-4323587
Zhangjiakou No.19 Middle School 张家口市第十九中学  No.5, Xincun Road, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区新村路5号 0313- 2018465
Chongli Middle School in Chicheng County 赤城县崇礼中学  Middle section of Fengxiwai Road, Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou张家口市赤城县枫溪外马路中段 /
Zhangjiakou Wanquan Middle School 张家口市万全中学 Wanquan County, Zhangjiakou City张家口市万全县 0313-4230601
Huailai Shacheng Middle school Affiliated to Beijing Normal University北京师范大学怀来沙城附属中学 北京师范大学怀来沙城附属中学 No.4, west of Changcheng Middle Road, Shacheng Town, Huailai County, Zhangjiakou City张家口市怀来县沙城镇长城中路西4号 0313-6860199

Top Elementary Schools in Zhangjiakou

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Beixincun Primary School 北新村小学 No.1, Xincun South Street, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区新村南街1号 0313-8181560
Nancaiyuan Primary School 南菜园小学 No. 3, Jianshe West Street, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区建设西街3号 0313-2183559
Shuyuanxiang Primary School 书院巷小学 No. 2, Shuyuan lane, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区书院巷2号 0313-8016164
Xihuozi Primary School 西豁子小学 No.4, Xihuozi street, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区西豁子街4号 0313-8025070
Hui Min Primary School 回民小学 No.1, Tongshun street, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区通顺街1号 0313-8027105
Xinhua Primary School 新华小学 No. 49, Xinhua back street, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区新华后街49号 0313-8021541
Jingguang Center Hope Primary School 京广中心希望小学 Wujiazhuang village, Wanquan Town, Wanquan County万全县万全镇吴家庄村 0313-4820131
Wanquan Chengguan Primary School 万全县城关小学 No. 34, West Street, Wanquan Town, Wanquan County万全县万全镇西大街34号 0313-4812305
Changqing Road Primary School 长青路小学 No. 43, Changqing Road, Qiaoxi District桥西区长青路43号 0313-8053523
Limin Primary School 利民小学 No.8, Tongli, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区通行里8号 0313-8034516

Top Kindergartens in Zhangjiakou

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Kindergarten of Xuanhua District Housing Management  宣化区房管幼儿园 No. 18, Zhonglou street, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou张家口市宣化区钟楼大街18号 0313-3014802
Minzu Kindergarten 桥西区民族幼儿园 No. 10, Xituo, Qiaoxi District桥西区西驼号10号 0313-8033542
Majuanbao Central Kindergarten of Yangyuan County  阳原县马圈堡中心幼儿园 Majuanbao village, Majuanbao Township, Yangyuan County阳原县马圈堡乡马圈堡村 0313-7331397
Yuhong Kindergarten 育红幼儿园 No. 24, Beiwapenyao, Qiaoxi District, Zhangjiakou张家口市桥西区北瓦盆窑24号 13582976162
Xuanhua Chenxia Kindergarten 宣化辰霞幼儿园 Zhangjiafang village, Yanghenan town, Xuanhua County, Zhangjiakou City张家口市宣化县洋河南镇张家坊村 13623136035
Qiaodong District No.3 Kindergarten 桥东区第三幼儿园 No. 4, Yuershan back street, Qiaodong District桥东区鱼儿山后街4号 0313-2055020
Sunflower Art Kindergarten 向日葵艺术幼儿园 No. 13, Nanwabei Street, Qiaoxi District桥西区南瓦北街13号 0313-8030099
Qiaoxi District Kindergarten 桥西区幼儿园 No. 12, Madaodi Street马道底街12号 0313-8026147
Zhangjiakou Bilingual Kindergarten 张家口市双语幼儿园 Xinhua Yuan community, Zhangjiakou张家口市新华苑小区 /

Students Educational Tours in Zhangjiakou

For ten years, we have helped teachers and students discover the world through culturally immersive educational travel. Our student programs are designed for participating in diverse local activities and improving student’s appreciation for traditional Chinese values and lifestyles. Students can live with homestay families who have been chosen and trained in hosting student groups. These experiences with the local people will provide memories and learnings that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in Zhangjiakou Students Educational Tours, please contact us.

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