Jiujiang Climate

Jiujiang is a city whose summer is hot and winter is cold. Jiujiang becomes warm early in spring. The weather of spring, however, changes a lot. In other words, it always changes from warmth to coldness three times a week. The average temperature from January to March is about 15°C. There is a lot of rainfall during the earlier summer to June and July. During this period, it always rains, thus triggering flood and landslide. Then, Jiujiang moves to a situation that there is no rainfall for more than 20 days. Therefore, during this period, the climate is always dry. In July, average daytime high temperatures approach 34 °C (93 °F) while average nighttime low temperatures reach 26 °C (79 °F). In autumn, it rains little, and it is warm. The average temperature of autumn is about 17 °C. The winter is short and cold with occasional frosts, and its average temperature is lower than 10 °C.

Best Time to Visit Jiujiang

In order to get more great experience of travelling Jiujiang, visitors would better visit Jiujiang in spring and autumn. The reason for this is that there is moderate temperature and great climate in spring and autumn. With great climate, visitors could get around the city and enjoy their trips. In summer, it is too hot to go outsides because visitors would get sweaty soon once they get out of a air-conditioned room. More significantly, due to its low temperature, it is not agreeable to visit Jiujiang in winter. However, visitors can visit Jiujiang at any time if they would like to Mount Lushan only because it boasts picturesque and unique scenery every season.

Travel Tips

The temperature of mountains in Jiujiang is low, so you’d better wear coats. It is so humid in mountains that clothes are difficult to dry, so it’s better to bring more clothes.

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