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Chinese Name: 嘉兴 English IPA: /'ja:xɪŋ/ Location: Southeast China Population (city): 345,930,000 Language: Mandarin,Jiaxing Dialect Zip code: 314000 Tel code: 0573 Time zone: UTC+8

Jiaxing, renowned for the First National Congress of the CPC in 1921, is located in northwest of Zhejiang province in Yangtze River delta. With a long history of more than 2,000 years, it is the hometown of silk and a land flowing with milk and honey. Jiaxing, which serves as the hub of the Shanghai-Hangzhou and Suzhou-Hangzhou transportation trunk lines, is less than 100 kilometers away from near big cities, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Ningbo. The transportation there is quite convenient.


  • Breathtaking Scenery: With long history, it has lots of sceneries that take on the culture and characteristics of itself, such as Wuzhen, the ancient town of Xitang, South Lake, the Qiantang River, Haining salt tidal bore watching scenic spot, the plum blossom chau, ect.
  • Jiaxing Opera: There are two famous shadow puppetry in Jiaxing: Haining puppetry and Tongxiang puppetry. For flower drum opera, Pinghu flower drum opera and Tongxiang flower drum opera are renowned. They all make Jiaxing a special tourist attraction.
  • Jiaxing Food: When it comes to Jiaxing food, Wu Fangzhai dumplings which is called “the king of Jiangnan rice dumplings” must be the first answer that comes to mind. Chrysanthemum in Tongxiang, yellow rice wine in Jiashan, ginger in Xinfeng, water chestnut in South Lake and plum in Xiuzhou are all special food in Jiaxing. People there like adding some white sugar into their cuisine, and they also like braise food in brown sauce which gives food thicker flavor.
  • Jiaxing Festivals: There are diverse festivals and activities in Jiaxing, such as Jiangnan Culture Festival, China International Qinanjiang River Tidal Bore Fesival, Xitang Cultural Tourism Festival, Pinghu Watermelon Festival, Tongxiang Chrysanthemum Festival, ect.

Other Destinations in Jiaxing

Jiaxing Attractions

Jiaxing is a tourist attraction with its special tourist destinations that show its marked culture and history characteristics like Wuzhen Watertown Town, Xitang Watertown Town, South Lake, the Qiantang River, Haining salt tidal bore watching scenic spot, the plum blossom chau, Yeen garden scenic spot, Nanbei Lake, Yuehe Street, ect. No matter which one you choose, you could be surprised and harvest different feelings from each of them. [...]

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Jiaxing Tours

Jiaxing is one of the representatives of Jiangnan watertown so that Wuzhen and Xitang ancient town are the most popular tourist destinations when visitors reach there. They finish this two places first, and then South Lake and Qiantang River usually are following next. Then, they would choose some scenic spots like Haining salt tidal bore watching scenic spot, the plum blossom chau, ect. Places with local characteristics and long history often come first and then visitors move to the wonderful [...]

Climate & When to Go

Temperature Jiaxing belongs to subtropical monsoon climate which contributes to its hot and dry summer and cold and wet winter. Also, Jiaxing is located in the south of northern subtropical zone and low latitude, so that it has four distinctive seasons: wet spring, hot summer, dry autumn and cold winter. The coldest time is between January and February, and the average temperature is only 3.6 ℃. The hottest time is between July and August, and the highest temperature can be 39 ℃ or more [...]

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As a city at a position of junction with other places, transportation in Jiaxing is quite convenient. A convenient and perfect modern transportation system of railway, highway, waterway and airlines has formed in Jiaxing. How to Get there & Away Railway & Train The building of railway contributes to Jiaxing's transportation. You can reach many places by taking high-speed train, bullet train and traditional train there. Shanghai-Hangzhou railway and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway make Jiaxing be convenient to connect other cities in China. You [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Because of its profound cultural background, there are diverse festivals and activities in Jiaxing, such as Jiangnan Culture Festivals, China International Qinanjiang River Tidal Bore Fesivals, Xitang Cultural Tourism Festival, ect. Jiangnan Culture Festivals Jiangnan Culture Festivals, started in the year of 2000,embodies the characteristics of Jiangnan culture and Jiaxing folk culture. Its main activities include the international dragon boat race, the watertown wedding ceremony, the gathering of talents in Jiangnan, the ancient canal of the south lake and so on. Especially the [...]

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Travel Tips

For welcoming a better travel experience along the way while you are in Jiaxing, there are some useful travel tips which may be helpful for your tour. Post Offices Zip Code: 314000 Jiaxing City Post Office: No.488,Middle Ring North Road.  Time Post Office:  No.41,Nanxiang Street, Haining City.  Xitang Post Office:  No.258, Xitang ancient town.  Yanguan Ancient Town Post Office:   No.22, Yanguan town. Useful Numbers China International country code number: 0086 Chengdu city code number: 0573 Ambulance:120 Fire: 119 Police: 110 [...]

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Useful Maps

We have collected some useful Jiaxing maps including Jiaxing's location in China, Jiaxing regional map, Jiaxing attractions map, Jiaxing city map, Map of Scenic spots in Jiaxing, Wuzhen travel map, South Lake travel map and so on to help you have a better understanding about Jiaxing tour and plan to take trips there easily. [...]

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Jiaxing Accommodation

Nowadays, it is a piece of cake to find any kind of hotels, guesthouses or inns in cities. As a popular and renowned tourist attraction, hotels with different levels and prices are easily to get in Jiaxing. Here are some recommendations on hotels and inns that are ranging from the 3 star to 5 star for your choice in accordance with your necessity. Recommended 5-star Hotel Jiaxing Sunshine Hotel: Located on Zhongshan Road. It gets lots of good comments from guests. Add: [...]

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