Jiaxing Culture

Most of the people in Jiaxing are Han people, and only a very small part of them are Hui people so that their ethnic culture is not so marked and special as other places where minority people gather a lot. Jiaxing's Hui population is still relatively compact so that the Muslim custom of Jiaxing Hui people remains intact. The history of Jiaxing Muslim can be traced back to the Song dynasty. The custom of Jiaxing Hui people is just like Hui people in other parts of China. besides, there are all sorts cultures.

  • Jiaxing Language

    Jiaxing language is one of kind of Wu Chinese which is mostly spoken by people in Zhejiang but it varies from one to another. Jiaxing dialect could basically be communicated by Suzhou, Shanghai, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Hangzhou dialect. It is an important part in Jiaxing culture.

  • Jiaxing Cuisine

    Zhejiang cuisine ever led trend in China. As one element of Zhejiang cuisine, Jiaxing dish accounts for small part of it. However, it plays a key role. Being a neighbor to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Jiangsu, Jiaxing dish isn’t assimilated by their dishes. Being unique and special is major characteristic of Jiaxing dish. Jiaxing cuisine is also known as “Hebangcai”, which enjoy both fresh ingredients like places around and local specially. One of the specialties there is “Chuancai” which is “boat dishes” in English. “Chuancai” is cooked and treated on the boat. People cook enjoy sceneries by taking boats when they are eating. It would be a unique experience for tourists to try.

  • Regional Culture

    Jiaxing belongs to Lake Tai area so that is blessed with abundant water resource. And it is home to ancient Yue people. During the period of Chu State (1115BC—223BC), it was shaped by Chu Culture. From Qin Dynasty (222BC) when the system of prefectures and counties were carried out to Five Dynasties (904--960), Jiaxing belonged to Guiji which is administrated by Wu County so that Jiaxing language and folk customs were affected by Wu culture, which makes it differ from other places around. Later, mixture of north culture and customs were brought by people that migrated from north. Therefore, Jiaxing kept its own culture and took in other culture, which made its special culture today.

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