Jiaxing Overview

Basic Information

  • Chinese name: 嘉兴
  • Location: Southeast China
  • Province: Zhejiang
  • Area: About 4,0008 square kilometers
  • Population: An approximate population of 3.45 million

Administrative Division

As a prefecture-level city, there are 2 municipal districts, 3 county-level cities and 2 counties.

  • Nanhu Distinct(南湖区)
  • Xiuzhou Distinct(秀洲区)
  • Haining City(海宁市)
  • Pinghu City(平湖市)
  • Tongxiang City(桐乡市)
  • Jiashan County (嘉善市)
  • Haiyan County (海盐市)

There are 44 towns, 22 streets, 246 urban community, 115 town community and 809 administrative village.


Located in Yangtze River delta and the junction of river, Jiaxing has a 92 kilometers' length from west to the east and a 76 kilometers' width from north to the south, embracing an area of 3,915 square kilometers which includes 3,477 square kilometers of plain and 328  square kilometers of waters. There are some hillocks but most of them are under 200 meters. Thus, the main landform of Jiaxing is plain.

The marked advantage of Jiaxing geography is its abundant in water resources, because it reaches the sea on the east, near to the Tai Lake and the Grand Canal runs through it.


Jiaxing, located in the south of northern subtropical zone and low latitude, has four distinctive seasons: wet spring, hot summer, dry autumn and cold winter. Near to the sea, it makes Jiaxing quite hot on July and August in summer, very cold on January and February in winter. There is abundant rainfall, even in fairly dry seasons.

Best time to go

The best time to Jiaxing is spring and autumn since this two seasons are neither too hot nor too cold. Also, some festivals with local characteristics are held during this period, such as China International Qiantang River Tidal Bore Festival and other folk custom shows. But if you would like to feel the atmosphere that is described in the poet named Yuxiang whose author is Dai Wangshu in ancient town like Wuzhen, rainy winter is a good choice as well.

Things to do

Jiaxing, as a city with typical Jiangnan watertown, when you travel there, the important things you need to do is to see their ancient towns, Wuzhen and Tangxi ancient town, which show historical culture of architecture and living styles of ancient Chinese people. Also, South Lake, the original location of the First National Congress of CPC, is a fine place to know more about China, and other special scenic spots like Haining salt tidal bore watching scenic spot, Qiantang River, the plum blossom chau, etc.



There is no airport in Jiaxing, but you are able to reach Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Hangzhou and Xiaoshan International Airport within one hour.


Shanghai-Hangzhou railway and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway make Jiaxing convenient to reach many other cities in China. You can take the high-speed railway or take the train at Jiaxing Station, Jiaxing South Railway Station, Jiashan Station, Jiashan South Station, Haining Station, and Tongxiang Station.


Jiaxing is a highway junction city that has good road facilities. There are 8 main roads including Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, Zha-Jia-Su Expressway, Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway, Changtai Expressway, SUzhou-Shaoxing Expressway and Lianhang Expressway. In addition, there are 3 national highway: national highway 320, national highway 101 and national highway 202. The main coach stations are Jiaxing Automobile North Station and Jiaxing Automobile Passager Transpor Center.

History and Culture

As the home of silk and a land flowing with milk and honey, Jiaxing has a long history of 7,000 years. And at that time, people there began to work on agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and hunting. Spring and autumn period, there were fierce competitions between the Kingdom of Wu and the kingdom of Yue. In Northern and Southern dynasties, the Sui dynasty excavated the Jiangnan River, which contributed to the agricultural irrigation of Jiaxing. In Tang dynasty, Jiaxing became a significant grain producing area of southeastern China.

Jiaxing is the birthplace of Jiangnan culture in China, and it has splendid culture. Majiabang culture, the representative of the early Neolithic culture in the Tai Lake basin and the origin of ancient Chinese civilization, was born there in 7,000 years ago. Because it is in the junction of two provinces so that people there are open to new things. Thus, different culture mixtured there made it diverse cultural characteristics. Quyi culture, shadow puppetry and Xitang temple fair are special representatives of Jiaxing.

Until today, when you travel to Jiaxing, you can feel the historical memories from the buildings, cultural relics, etc.


Jiaxing city became a demonstration zone of connecting to Shanghai in 2017, and all kinds of new deal are being carried out so that there is marked increase on the proportion of new industries. Three kinds of industries develop harmoniously, especially the third industry that is growing in a promising direction.


With its marked characteristics, Jiaxing is a popular tourist attraction. First, it is a representative of Jiangnan watertown that is attractive enough to lots of tourists. Second, there are 3 level 5A scenic spots, 5 level 4A scenic spots and 1 level 3A scenic spot. Also, there are many famous people's former residences that attract visitors. The respect and memories to the great people are the power to many tourists.

There are hundreds of material and intangible cultural heritages that can not be found and copied in other places. Loads of visitors who are bound up in special culture are attracted there every year.

Jiaxing Food

When it comes to Jiaxing food, the first answer that comes to mind for many people must be five Fangzhai dumplings which is called "the king of Jiangnan rice dumplings". Five Fangzhai dumplings is famous in China, and it has become a great business that benefits both customers and Jiaxing. Chrysanthemum in Tongxiang, yellow rice wine in Jiashan, ginger in Xinfeng, water chestnut in South Lake and plum in Xiuzhou are all special food in Jiaxing. People there like adding some white sugar into their cuisine, and they also like braise food in brown sauce which gives food thicker flavor.

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