Jiaxing Transportation

As a city at a position of junction with other places, transportation in Jiaxing is quite convenient. A convenient and perfect modern transportation system of railway, highway, waterway and airlines has formed in Jiaxing.

How to Get there & Away

Railway & Train

The building of railway contributes to Jiaxing's transportation. You can reach many places by taking high-speed train, bullet train and traditional train there. Shanghai-Hangzhou railway and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway make Jiaxing be convenient to connect other cities in China. You can take the high-speed railway or take the train at Jiaxing Railway Station, Jiaxing South Railway Station, Jiashan Station, Jiashannan Station, Haining Station, Hainingxi Station and Tongxiang Station.

    • Jiaxing Railway Station: Located in South Lake district, it is close to South Lake scenic spot, and you can take train to any city in China there.
    • Jiaxing South Railway Station: Located in South Lake district, you can take train, bullet train and high-speed train there to any train and high-speed train station in Yangtze River delta. It is the biggest automobile passenger transportation station in Jiaxing. The main routes there are Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Hangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway, Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway.
    • Jiashan Station: Located in Jiashan county, high-speed railway is not available there.
    • Jiashannan Station: It is the closest station to the downtown of Jiaxing city within 7 stations in Jiaxing. You can take the bus there to the scenic spots Xitang ancient town. Ordinary trains are not available there, only high-speed train.
    • Haining Railway Station: Located in Haining city, it is a train station.
    • Tongxiang Railway Station: Located in Tongxiang, it is a high-speed train station. You can take the bus to Wuzhen ancient town there.
    • Hainingxi Station: Located in Haining city, it is a high-speed train station .


Although there is no airport in Jiaxing, but you are able to reach Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport within one hour.

How to Get to the Airport:

    • Route 1: Taking the bus starts at the Jiaxing North Coach Station, 70 yuan each. (to Shanghai Pudong International Airport )
    • Route 2: Taking the bus starts at the Jiaxing Passenger Transpert Center, 51 yuan each. (to Shanghai Pudong International Airport )
    • Route 3: Taking the bus starts at the Haining Passenger Transpert Center, 30 each. (to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport )
    • Route 4: Taking the bus starts at the Wuzhen Passenger Transpert Center, 51 each. (to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport )
    • Route 5: Taking high-speed train of bullet train at Jiaxing South Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station qnd than walking for about 10 minutes to reach the airport.(Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport)


Expressway in China can't be better, especially in places that develop well. Jiaxing is a highway junction city that has good road facilities. There are 8 main roads including Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, Zha-Jia-Su Expressway, Hangzhou Bay Ring Expressway, Changtai Expressway, SUzhou-Shaoxing Expressway and Lianhang Expressway. In addition, there are 3 national highway: national highway 320, national highway 101 and national highway 202. The main coach stations are Jiaxing Automobile North Station and Jiaxing Automobile Passager Transpor Center. Therefore, you can take the interprovincial coach to reach Jiaxing. At the main time, bus is available in each couch station.

      • Jiaxing Automobile North Station: You can take the interprovincial coach there to reach more than other 10 provinces in China. Buses to high-speed train station are available there.

Location: No.767, Hexing North Road.
Bus station: Bus No.261, 263, 271, 272, 273, 282, 283, 151, 152, 155, 160, 162, 161, 171, 192.

  • Jiaxing Automobile Passager Transpor Center: Coaches for near cities and provinces. You also can take the bus there to Wuzhen and other high-speed train stations in Jiaxing.


Running time: 06:00-19:30
Location: No.2098, Wanguo Road.
Bus station: Bus No.1, 19, 78, 79, 92, 98, 51, 153, 172, 176, 179, 181.


There are many ports that assist sea channel of Jiaxing, including Jiaxing port, Jiaxing inner port, Huzhuo ports and Hangzhou port, etc. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Tai Lake and Yangtze River water system connect Jiaxing with other places conveniently. Recently, because of the Belt and Road Initiative, the building to help water transport there is improving a lot.

How to Get Around


Because of its good location, subway in Jiaxing is under plan to be built recently.

Taxi & DiDi

You can take taxi in any cities in China, and you can reach anywhere by taxi if you like. It is easy and convenient to choose taxi if you are new in other places. What's more, in the cities like Jiaxing, you can also choose DiDi taxi which is a trip mode that you finish taking the taxi on your phone and wait for drivers to pick you up. You need not worry that you would be wet in rainy day or be sunburnt in great sunny days.

City Bus

Bus is a indispensable means of transportation in the cities in China. It is quite cheap because you just need to pay 1 or 2 RMB so that you can take the bus for one single way. But you need to prepare some changes in advance for there are no conductors on the bus. If you don't want to catch rush hours, then choose reasonable time to take the bus.

Sharing Bike

It is a convenient and environmental way to travel in tourist attraction by sharing bus. It cost a little and offers you good chances to slow down, and then to be close more to the local people and feel their culture and living styles. In addition, you need not to worry about traffic jams if you ride sharing bikes. If you take your phones with you, you can take sharing bikes anywhere in Jiaxing. It is a good way of relaxation after a long day of travelling mantis places.