Jiaxing Festivals and Events

Because of its profound cultural background, there are diverse festivals and activities in Jiaxing, such as Jiangnan Culture Festivals, China International Qinanjiang River Tidal Bore Fesivals, Xitang Cultural Tourism Festival, ect.

Jiangnan Culture Festivals

Jiangnan Culture Festivals, started in the year of 2000,embodies the characteristics of Jiangnan culture and Jiaxing folk culture. Its main activities include the international dragon boat race, the watertown wedding ceremony, the gathering of talents in Jiangnan, the ancient canal of the south lake and so on. Especially the dragon boat race, it attracts lots of local dragon boat teams and crowds, showing the humanistic spirits of local people. The watertown wedding ceremony demonstrates the romantic part of Jiangnan culture and and government's close relationship to its people. And the gathering of talents in Jiangnan offers chances for talents to present themselves. Every year, Jiangnan culture festival activities are all wonderful. What's more, the activities truly represent the characteristics of Jiangnan and Jiaxing folk culture.

China International Qinanjiang River Tidal Bore Fesivals

China International Qinanjiang River Tidal Bore Fesivals, a grand festival confirmed by National Tourism Bureau, includes the activity of tide watching, tide offering, tide chasing, ect. There are great arts and cultural activities as well. The festival falls on the lunar calendar of 16th in August. The first five days of the lunar year and the period between 15th and 20th in every month are best time to for tide watching, so there are 120 days of good observation. The 18th day of the eighth month of annual lunar calendar is regarded as traditional tide 'watching' which is thought to be the birthday of 'the god of tide' so that people celebrate it greatly. Haining tide watching custom has followed for thousands years, for now it has formed special tourism. Your must feel amazing charm if you go there.

Xitang Cultural Tourism Festival

Xitang Cultural Tourism Festival is a festival that integrates tourism, culture, shopping, temple fair, trade negotiation and commodity sales together. Scenic location is the key of the festival. There are rich human and natural landscape, well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty architecture. Also, other grand activities are given to make the guests and visitors experience the original culture and folk customs of the ancient town of Xitang from multi-angle, multi-level and comprehensive side.

Pinghu Watermelon Festival

Watermelon is speciality in Pinghu so there is a grand celebrating festival in June ever year. Performances with local characteristics are given to celebrate the harvest of watermelon. At the same time, people here also hold commodity fair in Guandi temple mall and organize activities like watermelon tasting, garden visiting, tower climbing and painting watching. Pinghu watermelon is renowned for its thin skin, softness, crispness, freshness, sweetness and excellent quality. It is also known as the first melon in the south of the Yangtze River and one of the three most famous melons in China.

Tongxiang Chrysanthemum Festival

Tongxiang holds Chrysanthemum Festival every year around November 9th. There are large-scale cultural performances, field chrysanthemum watching, chrysanthemum maze visiting and chrysanthemum tea tasting.

Wuzhen Theatre Festival

Wuzhen Theatre Festival started at the year of 2013. It is a theatre festival which provides a platform for those who love Wuzhen and theatre, especially for young people who can share with each other freely there. The festival attracts a lot of people every year, and each year, they have different theme. If you like theatre and Wuzhen, it is a good festival for you.