Jiaxing Dining

The food in one place can reflect the character of its people. Jiaxing is a places that is abundant in water so that their food does not add many spicy seasonings, instead, they like adding some white sugar, soy sauce and yellow rice wine into their cuisine, and they like braise food in brown sauce which gives food thicker flavor. They also do not put too many kinds of ingredients to cook one dish.

Typical Dishes

  • Jiaxing Zongzi(嘉兴粽子): It is a traditional dessert with long history. Its characteristics are less glutinousness and greasiness, rich fragrance and moderate salinity.
  • Wuzhen Soy Sauce Chicken(乌镇酱鸡): It is a famous dish of the Han nationality in Wuzhen which uses soy sauce showing local people's cooking habits.
  • Wenhu Soy Sauce  Duck(文虎酱鸭): A local specialty of Jiaxing and it is sold to all around China.
  • Rufu Meat(乳腐肉): A traditional Chinese dish of Han nationality in Jiaxing, pork is its main material.
  • Five-spiced Squab(五香乳鸽): A representative of South Lake cuisine.
  • Steamed Pork with Rice Flavor in Lotus Leaves(荷叶粉蒸肉): A famous dish in Jiaxing which is steamed with fresh rice, pork and lotus leaves.
  • Fenhu Crab(汾湖蟹): It is a famous seafood in Jiashan county, Jiaxing.
  • Mao Gou Xian Fen(毛狗线粉): It is a dish whose main ingredient is sweet potato starch noddle, noddles are cooked in special soup.
  • South Lake Boat Dish(南湖船菜): It is a traditional cuisine in Jiangnan watertown and it has 8 dishes which is finished on boat.
  • Changan Banquet Ball(长安宴球): It is made of 3 kinds of fish and pork, and its main characteristic is round which means big reunion.

Recommended Restaurants: Wu Fangzhai, Gu Juzhai, Zou Daxian, A yingbao,San Zhenzhai, Jiangnan Yingxiang, Sishui, Nianhua Hongjiu Fang.


Jiaxing is a place with long history so that is has a lot of desserts and snacks that are passed on from ancient time. Here are some representatives of them.

    • Xitang Bazhen Cake(西塘八珍糕): A kind of desset that is made from hawthorn and malt.
    • Xiami Taobing(虾米套饼): A toasted cake which is mainly made from flour and small shrimp.
    • Zheng Shuangchou(蒸双臭): A specialty which is made from sticky Toufu and smelly seaweed stem.
    • Wuzhen Gupo Bing(乌镇姑婆饼): A kind of dessert made from flour which has a long history.
    • Mao Laotai Sticky Toufu(毛老太臭豆腐): A kind of sticky Toufu which is famous in Jiaxing.
    • Qing Tuanzi(青团子): A kind of dessert made from stickyrice, wormwood sweetened bean paste or lotus paste.

Recommended Places to Eat: Wuzhen, The shop of Mao Laotai Sticky Toufu, Jinji Cake Shop, Mingyuelou Snacks shop, The shop of Wuzhen Gupo Bing,Tongxian.

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