Jiaxing Shopping

Jiaxing is a place with long history so that lots of things possess its own specialty. If you want buy something special as gifts or souvenirs, here are some recommended things and places you can choose from.

What to Buy

Silk Products

Jiaxing is known for its good quality of silk products, so if you like silk things, you can go to Jiaxing Silk Museum  so that you are able to known more about the culture of silk and buy good silk products there.


Rice dumplings in Jiaxing is famous around China. It is a kind of the representative of Jiaxing dishes and dessert, and it is also a special product that you really can buy. With the development of people's necessity, it's quite convenient to take it to distance because of its promotion of packing and conservatism methods. It is a good choice for you to take it as gifts to your friends and family. So if you have chances, it is one of the necessary items on your shopping lists.

Tongxiang's Chrysanthemum

If you like make something to drink by yourself, Tongxiang's Chrysanthemum is recommended. Tongxiang is famous for Chrysanthemum whose special taste makes it good tea.

Leather Products in Haining

Hianing is the city of leather in China, they are famous for good quality and fashionable design. If you are a leather lover, you are right to buy some because leather products are made by nearby factories so that you can get much better products with reasonable prices.

Puyuan Woollen Sweater

Woollen Sweater in Puyuan, Wuzhen is known for its good quality, so if you are interested in woollen products, you are recommended to buy some.

Where to Buy

Haining China Leather City

It is a professional and the biggest leather market in China. It also has the deepest influence to Chinese leather market which leads the fashion of Chinese leads industry. The place mixes shopping, exhibition, eating and entertainment together. You will not feel bored if you choose to buy things there. If you fond of leather things and would like to take some leather souvenirs, Haining China Leather City is the most suitable place.

Tongxiang Puyuan Woollen Sweater Market

It is national distributing center of woolen sweater in China, which has thousands of stores that sell diverse woolen product. If you want some woolen things, it's a good choice to be there.

Pinghu Foreign Trade Clothing

It is one of the three major cities in China's garment industry. Lots of brands of world-level are produce there.

Jiaxing International Zhonggang Shopping Center

Located in the Middle Ring South Road, South Lake District in Jiaxing, it is a big shopping center that combines shopping and living area together. You can buy some world's top brands there. Hypermarket is available there. Because its wide range of service in all aspects so that lots of people are attracted there.

West Street

Located in the scenic spot Xitang ancient town, and filled with hundreds of special shops, you can buy lots of things that reflect the culture of local food, living styles and Chinese characteristic so that it is the most popular street in Xitang.

Nvhong Street

Located in Wuzhen, it has a long history which can be traced back to Ming and Qing dynasty. Embroidery products are its specialties, most of things are for girls. You can buy handicrafts, wood carvings, weavings, paintings, silk fabric, tile pyrography, postcards, and coffee, dessert, ect. Even if you don't buy things, it's interesting to walk there. Indeed, it is a suitable place to buy some souvenirs.

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