Jiaxing Climate


Jiaxing belongs to subtropical monsoon climate which contributes to its hot and dry summer and cold and wet winter. Also, Jiaxing is located in the south of northern subtropical zone and low latitude, so that it has four distinctive seasons: wet spring, hot summer, dry autumn and cold winter. The coldest time is between January and February, and the average temperature is only 3.6 ℃. The hottest time is between July and August, and the highest temperature can be 39 ℃ or more in some year.


Rainfall is a marked feature of Jiaxing climate. There is three distinct precipitation periods in the whole year. They are spring rain between April and May which is often accompanied by strong thunder, plum rain between June and July whose main trai is moist, and autumn rain on September which helps to get rid of the hot and dry weather.


Snowfall often comes on January. Recently, heavy snowfall is much more than before. But it's not heavy as the north. Compared to other places in the south, it belongs to supernormal snowfall. The snow in the south of China melts when it comes so that it's quite cold and wet in snowy weather in Jiaxing.

Best Time to Visit

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to travel to Jiaxing, for the temperature and the rainfall are fairly suitable for sightseeing and being outside. Also, some special and grand festivals and activities are held during this period, such as China international Qianjiang River Tidal Bore Festival which is held during the lunar calendar of August 16th and 19th ever year, Xing Nanhu travel festival which falls in May ever year, Xitang travel and culture festival, ect. You'd better choose non-holiday time to travel there. And if you like winter, it is a suitable time to visit for there are fewer tourists in winter.

Tips for Dressing

You just need prepare clothes for two seasons, and they are summer and winter. Because it is very hot in summer and quite cold in winter. Sring and autumn there are normal, it's warm in spring and cool in autumn.

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