Huzhou Overview

Chinese Name: 湖州 English IPA: /hʊdʒəʊ/ Location: In the north of Zhejiang province Population (city): About 2.97 million Language: Mandarin, Wu Chinese Zip code: 313000 Tel code: 0572 Time zone: UTC+8

Huzhou is a prefecture-level city in northern Zhejiang province, the People’s Republic of China. Lying south of the Lake Tai, it borders Jiaxing to the east, Hangzhou to the south, and the provinces of Anhui and Jiangsu to the west and north respectively. With a splendid location, it grows well in economic and tourism development. Also, as a fertile land, it nurtures lots of talents and creates various cultures.


  • Huzhou Ink Brush: Huzhou has a long history of manufacturing ink brushes, and it can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty. Huzhou’s ink brush production and manufacture gained prominence in the Ming Dynasty (13th century). Since the late 20th century, Huzhou has been known as the “Hometown of the Ink Brush”.
  • Silk:Huzhou is well known as one of the birthplaces of silk cultivation. In 1958, a great number of silk, silk ribbon and carbonized tablets were found in the southern suburbs of Huzhou. Now, these silk pieces have become the greatest treasures of the Zhejiang Silk Museum. The history of Huzhou silk can be traced back to the time of the Warring States (474 BC –221 BC). By the time of the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420 AD – 589 AD), Huzhou silk had already been exported to more than ten countries. During the Tang dynasty (618 AD – 907 AD), Huzhou silk was chosen as an imperial tribute, thus marking the first prosperity in silk production. Huzhou silk has won awards at World Fairs, which is desired by clothing and furnishing manufacturers overseas.
  • Diversity of Culture: Huzhou is one of the birthplaces of tea culture in the world. The tea Saint Luyue wrote the world’s first tea culture book named Book of Tea in Huzhou. According to research, in the period of the Three Kingdoms period, eastern part of Kingdom of Wu has become the main areas to spread the tea industry. Then, opera culture there is quite special. Hu Opera, Huzhou qinshu and Huhzou Santiao are three kinds of key drama there, especially Hu Opera which is represented by Wu Chinese, and it silk the only representative local drama in northern Zhejiang province.

Other Destinations in Huzhou

Huzhou Attractions

The main tourist attractions in Huzhou are Tahan, Zanglong Waterfall, Nanxun, Moganshan, Baicao South Park, Zhuboyuan in Anji, Lake Tai, Guzhushan Tea Garden, Xiazhuhu Wet Land, Jiangnan tianchi resort, Tiefo Temple, Dragon King Mountain, Zhang Shiming’s Former Residence, Feiying Tower, Tianfu Lake, Hanhsan Tourism Areas, Jiayetang Ancient Library, Furong Valley, etc. [...]

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Huzhou Tours

With lots of tourist sites, tour packages could help you save you time and you could visit as many places as you can. So we have some tour routes for you to refer. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Because of its distinctive four seasons, you could feel different sceneries in different period. What you may need to pay attention is its two seasons winter and summer. If you travel there in winter, just prepare for facing the cold weather and taking warm cloths with you. In summer, it is quite hot so that you might need to prepare whatever you need to carry with you. [...]

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In addition to train, high-speed train, and interprovincial coach, regular transportation like self-service bus, taxi, and shared bike or car are all available there. [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Festival is a good way to know more about local culture and to get closer with local people who can really be helpful during your traveling. Thus, if you would like to participate in festivals, find activities you want to enjoy and plan suitable time and place for your visiting. [...]

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Travel Tips

There are some human tricycles around scenic sites that sometimes you may need to use. If you want to experience that, please ask prices at first in case that you meet someone who would charge more than usual. In summer, you may need to bring hat, sun scream, and enough water in case of sunstroke. For eating, there are all sorts of seafood so that you might need to pay much attention about it. [...]

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Useful Maps

We would provide some maps to see something about Huzhou and you could also plan your visiting earlier as well, such as Huzhou Location Map, Huzhou Tourist Sites, Tourist Spots Around Huzhou Map, etc. [...]

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Huzhou Accommodation

As a municipality with good conditions of economic development and promising growth of tourism, accommodation won’t be a problem for tourists. You could choose hotels of all levels there. What you may need to know is if you visit there in golden travel week, you would better book your hotels in advance. [...]

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